Running for Weight Loss: Foods that Optimize Appetite Control

Many runners, especially those who run for weight loss, fall into the pitfall of overeating which may interfere with your weight loss progress, but if there was ever a wonder appetite suppressant drug, the following foods might be it!

Scientists have discovered that the following foods have been successful for acting as a natural appetite suppressant that are highly effective at curbing appetite, helping guide your weight loss journey in the right direction without dangerous side effects that are so often attached to appetite suppressant pills.

Since appetite control plays a starring role in the feasibility of quick weight loss results, here is a list of natural hunger suppressant healthy foods that have been backed by a significant amount of basic research that were found to safely diminish hunger, so that the urge to overeat is not a dominant threat to your weight loss goals.

Supplements and Foods that Suppress Appetite

Running for Weight Loss: Foods that Optimize Appetite Control.

Grape Seed Extract – Grape seed extract contains proanthocyanidins, a natural compound that increases the hormone, adiponectin, which regulates blood sugar levels.

Oats – Oats extend the feeling of fullness at a comfortable level because they are high in fiber. The fiber in oats expands in the GI tract, triggering the sensation of fullness and also slows digestion, allowing for more stabilized blood/sugar levels. As a result, you’ll have more long-term energy for long distance runs.

Walnuts – A study out of Purdue University reported that two handfuls of walnuts will keep you full for at least 2 hours. This is because nuts are packed with tummy-filling fiber and protein. Pecans and peanuts are also high in zinc, which gives long-lasting energy, in addition to halting hunger sensations.

Whey Protein– Add a dash of whey protein to your pre-run morning smoothie and you’ve got hunger control! Whey protein was found to increase secretion of the 2 hormones, cholecystokinin and peptide YY, that are responsible for turning off hunger.

Cinnamon – Who doesn’t love this spice? Cinnamon is another great natural way to prevent spikes in blood/sugar, and it also  increases circulation for extra energy.

Omega-3s – Omgea-3s keep the feeling of hunger at bay by improving thyroid function and it also regulates the hormone leptin, thereby preventing spikes in blood/sugar levels.

Quinoa – Quinoa is made of complex-carbs which have the power of slowing digestion and also gives you a steady-stream of energy during those long, never-ending runs.

I encourage you guys to try some of the above natural supplements because they do a great job at reversing the awful effects of a high-sugary diet. As we all know, eating too much refined sugar actually makes you hungrier sooner, and is a poor way to fuel before a run.

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