Misfit Fitness Trackers Sleep Activity Monitors for Running

Fitness trackers sleep activity monitors are a great way for a runner to monitor their performance progression on many levels. It’s great that these trackers help you learn your quality and quantity of sleep. Why is sleep so important for runners?

Getting enough consistent sleep produces more of the hormone, melatonin, in the brain. This hormone destroys abnormal cells that cause inflammation and helps the body repair from strenuous activity, according to Susanne Strand, M.D.

With that said, I have compiled a list of the best sleep activity trackers from Misfit so you can gain more insight on your sleeping patterns.

Misfit Fitness Trackers Sleep Activity Monitor for Running

Misfit Fitness Trackers Sleep Activity Monitors for Running

Flash – The flash is a perfect balance of design simplicity and intuitive fitness activity information. It is a sleek, lightweight activity monitor that not only tracks sleeping activity, but also tracks all your fitness activities, such as walking, running, cycling, tennis etc. To review your daily progress, the Misfit App converts all your data into easy-to-read charts and graphs and calculates your distance, calories and steps! I love how it shows your caloric intake, so you can modify your caloric allowance based on your amount of physical activity. You can set goals for sleeping and physical activity using the Flash and it informs you on the quality of your sleep (i.e. deep sleeps vs light sleeps).

Shine –  The shine does not require charging, is water-proof for up to 50 m and it’s design is stunning –it looks way better in person than in pictures and it looks dressy! The Shine tracks both sleep and fitness activity. Its light and comfortable, you can barely feel it on you. It’s very durable as the outer shell if of aircraft grade aluminum and feels more durable than most plastic wearable activity trackers. I love that you can wear it for weeks on end without worrying about charging it. The software is easier than most as it only requires 2 simple steps to install the app on your iPhone 4s to 6 or Andriod with Bluetooth. Whenever you want to see your progress, just tap the shine to visually see how you are doing, or just tap the Shine App on your Smart Phone and it will automatically sync the latest information to inform you on your steps, miles, and calories burned.

Speedo Shine – Wear the Speedo Shine 24/7 in the pool, the shower or during your spin class or in bed! You can wear it anywhere on your body — around your neck, on your shoe, ankle or wrist. Essentially, the Speedo Shine is the worlds first swimming and sleeping activity tracker that is like the Shine in that it is made of high quality aircraft-grade aluminum and its water-proof capacity is up to 50 m. If you love to swim, then you will love the Speedo Shine because it accurately tracks your swim laps and distance. The hardest part of the Speedo Shine is deciding the right color!

Shine 2 – The Shine 2 is an upgrade from the Shine in that it’s thinner, more durable and provides more information on your activity data.  This tracker is 8 mm thin, can handle any environment (even the washing machine), and has a personal activity notification, such as vibrations and multi-colored light display. The tracker is more secured to the strap to prevent the monitor from popping off the band. Again, this tracker does not require re-charging and knows when you are falling asleep, too!

Final thoughts

As for the overall Misfit software, it is not-web based, but you if want it to be,  just link it to myfitnesspal or runkeeper. I also like how you can get reward points for your activity through Walgreens!

If you are looking for a fitness activity tracking device that compliments your outfits and that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, you’ll absolutely love these trackers. Enjoy.

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