Healthy Recipes Using Chickpeas

Put chickpeas up there with quinoa on the super-foods list because chickpeas dramatically improve health, and are easy to prepare, so they don’t interrupt your busy life.

How can runners benefit from eating more chickpeas? Runners often complain of feeling shaky during running and this is, in part, all due to a terribly high sugary diet which spikes blood sugar levels. You actually need to eat foods that improve pancreas function to help correct for this.

When you consume too much sugar, this stimulates the pancreas to over-release insulin, and over time, your cells start ignoring the excess insulin –this is the beginning stages of type II diabetes, which is easily preventable by eating healthier (I know, easier said than done!)

To keep your pancreas healthy, include more chickpeas in your diet because they are high in manganese, copper and other minerals associated with improved pancreas function and health, thereby energizing insulin levels. It’s no wonder chickpeas slash your risk of diabetes by 38%, according to Chinese researchers.

So, here are my favorite healthy recipes using chickpeas that work wonders for insulin control!

Healthy Recipes Using Chickpeas

Healthy Recipes Using Chickpeas

Quinoa, chickpea and silver beet ball in tomato sauce via My Body + Soul

Easy chickpea salad with lemon and dill via Inspired Taste

Easy chickpea curry with rice via Chef De Home

Mediterranean chickpea salad via Lows to Luxe

Creamy chickpea avocado salad via Ceara’s Ktichen

Spicy chickpea and quinoa bowl via US 12

Chickpea nuggets via My Plant-Based Family

Whole wheat orzo with spinach, chickpea and lemon via Aggie’s Kitchen

Sweet potato chickpea salad via Avocado Pesto

Chickpea avocado and feta salad via Homegrown and Healthy

Roast butternut squash and chickpea salad via Skinny Ms

High energy chickpea energy balls via Happy Healthy Mamma

Cauliflower chickpea curry via Simply Recipes

Flourless chickpeas brownies via Latin Meets Lagniappe

Spanish chickpea and spinach stew via Lazy Cat Kitchen

Coconut chickpea curry via Jessica in the Kitchen

Sweet potato chickpea burger via Peas and Crayons

Spicy garlic oven-roasted chickpeas via Yuri Elkaim

Quinoa kale protein power salad via Foodie Crush

Avocado hummus via Whole Yum

Spicy chickpea veggie burgers with  jalapeno and zucchini via Peas and Crayons

Chickpea in turmeric peanut butter curry via Vegan Richa

Chickpea flourless chocolate brownies via Beach Body Blog

Roasted garlic, herb parmesan chickpeas via My Fussy Eater

Turmeric chickpea cakes with garlicky avocado cream (gluten-free and vegan) via Pure Ella

Cauliflower chickpea patties via Dora’s Daily Dish

Chickpea kale stew via Hollistic Health with Lois

Indian quinoa and chickpea stir fry via Eat Healthy, Eat Happy

Chickpea peanut butter chocolate chip cookies via Texanerian Baking

Chocolate chip chickpea blondie cookies via Fitful Focus

Sweet potato and chickpea stew via Healthy Liv

Chickpea flour banana bread (gluten-free, grain-free) via  Power Hungry

Roasted cauliflower and chickpea soup via The Floating Kitchen

Vegan fruit and nut chickpea salad via MBA Sahm

Mushroom chickpea soup with veggies and greens via Vegan Richa

Roasted sweet potato with chickpea and feta and cilantro via The Weighands

Sun dried tomato chickpea burgers (vegan and gluten-free) via a Saucy Kitchen

Chickpea ‘tuna’ salad via Austin 360

Tomato  soup with chickpea fritters via

Skillet potatoes with chickpeas and apple (vegan) via One Green Planet

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