What To Put In Your Smoothie to Give You More Energy for Running

The quest for attaining ways to get more energy for running is ongoing. What key players should you add to your pre-run smoothie that will produce positive outcomes with your running performance?Nutritionist, Hayley Kurts, RD has strung together some key ingredients you may want to spike your smoothie with in efforts to boost wide-spread mental and physical stamina for running.

Based on the best existing body of evidence, Kurts outlines some of the basic energizing ingredients to consolidate into your pre-run smoothie that may make running longer a lot easier!

What To Put In Your Smoothie to Give You More Energy for Running

What To Put In Your Smoothie to Give You More Energy for Running

Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs are a less processed form of chocolate that will certainly give you a net positive of energy for running because they are high in flavonoids which boosts oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow to your brain which is will accompany a great degree of good, clean, sustainable energy!


Bananas welcome in more energy for running because they are a high source of magnesium and vitamin B6 which collectively helps your brain cells communicate faster and efficiently! Fast communicating brain cells is a pillar for inviting better, stronger brainpower which translates into greater physical energy and stamina, putting you in a stronger position to run well!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds spurs your body to push harder during running and can really help you attain the performance results you want! Why? Chia seeds delivers mental and physical energy similar to caffeine! The caffeine-like effect of chia seeds comes from their enormous content of inflammation-reducing omega 3 fats which have massive mood-lifting benefits! Basically, chia seeds enables you to engage more vigorously during running, with greater ease, because they fundamentally trigger the release of uplifting brain chemicals, making you more open and willing to try and push hard during running!


Blueberries are famously known for their neuro-protective and neuro-energizing capacity, aiding in a healthier brain, keeping you more high-minded and focused for running. In addition, because of their incredibly high anti-oxidant content, blueberries catalyze the deliverance of sustainable energy for running by keeping your brain healthy and young, which lines up perfectly with prompting greater mental stamina. Moreover, blueberries facilitate brainpower and energy because they are high in gallic acid which strongly influences better brain health by stalling many common age-related brain disorders.


Beets are a high priority, pre-run rocket fuel for many runners as beets are a reliable source of sustainable energy that can help you go faster and farther! The driving force behind how beets offer up more energy for running is they are high in natural nitrates which dramatically boosts blood flow to the brain, serving as a good base for channeling mental stamina and drive for running!


Almonds can profoundly boost energy for running because they are high in ultra-energizing riboflavin and l-carnitine, key nutrients your body relies on to convert food into brain fuel and energy! This is how almonds opens up the chance for you to take your performance to the next level!

Take Home Message

If you are always looking for ways to get more energy for running, consider the above energizing pillars! Of course, there are many more energizing ingredients for your pre-run smoothie, but these are some of the key natural health additives proven as essential for managing energy that have the potential role to double your energy for running and may add great value to your performance efforts!

Bretta Riches

Bretta Riches

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