Minimalist Running Shoes vs Traditional

Minimalist Running Shoes May Reduce Impact On the Feet

22/06/2020 Bretta Riches 0

One of the many functional assets of minimalist running shoes is a wide toe-box because it enables the toes to spread, flex, bend, extend and relax which is incredibly effective in improving both static and dynamic balance, but also helps disperse the little shock that’s produced in forefoot running as compared with narrow running shoes.

Barefoot Running Benefits: Better Proprioception

What is Proprioception and How it Can Make You Run Better

07/09/2019 Bretta Riches 0

Spending more time running barefoot can drastically help improve the nervous systems proprioception which is the awareness of joint and limb position sense and the forces acting on them and also plays a big role in balance control and foot strike intensity. This in turn can help significantly improve your running stride mechanics such as avoiding high-impact landings because when you run barefoot, a part of the body’s proprioceptive system, the impact-avoidance reflex, is more strongly activated as compared with running in thickly cushioned running shoes.

Cushioned Running Shoes May Cause Over Pronated Feet

Do Cushioned Running Shoes Cause Injuries?

16/08/2019 Bretta Riches 0

Thick cushioned running shoes with stability support may increase the risk of injuries because they may actually force the feet into extreme positions (hyperpronation) which may cause the ankles to work harder in keeping foot-steps steadied through the touchdown and stance phases of running. This increased mechanical work at the ankles may spill over onto multiple sites of the leg, like the shins and knees and may be a net contributor to many common running-related injuries, such as ankle sprains, shin splints and runner’s knee.

Is it Bad to Run Barefoot on Concrete?

Is it Bad to Run Barefoot on Concrete?

12/03/2019 Bretta Riches 0

Not only can running barefoot on concrete help you develop strong, higher-level withdrawal reflexes in the feet and stronger joint position sense while improving your forefoot strike landing precision, running barefoot on concrete also transforms your feet into better energy-saving springs that are more efficient for when you run in shoes.

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