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Is Cushioning Good or Bad for Running?

30/05/2024 Bretta Riches 0

Contrary to popular belief, more cushioning, especially under the heel, in a running shoe was alarmingly found to increase joint loading on the hips, knees and ankles to the degree of enabling arthritic conditions to potentially develop as compared to runners who run barefoot or in barefoot-type footwear.

Is It Bad To Wear Running Shoes as Everyday Shoes?

Cushioned Running Shoes Found to Be Bad for Ankles

23/04/2024 Bretta Riches 1

It turns out, cushioned running shoes are bad for your ankles! A new study finds thick cushioned running shoes with a large heel flare increases the risk for ankle injury by increasing inappropriate ankle movements at touchdown and results in higher initial joint pronation. Even worse, these shoes also caused the highest touchdown velocity of the heel, the highest vertical impact force peaks and the highest maximum vertical loading rate as compared with minimalist shoes.

Heel Lifts Increase Injury in Runners

Heel Lifts Increase Injury in Runners

16/04/2024 Bretta Riches 0

Collective research has found heel lifts have no preventive effect on damaging heel pressures and peak forces on the Achilles in heel strike runners. The good news is, all that may be needed to prevent heel and Achilles injury in running is to avoid heel striking altogether and adopt a forefoot strike landing because there’s consistently little to no impact at the heel, while doing more to stabilize the Achilles tendon.

Are Minimalist Shoes Good for Seniors? YES!

Are Minimalist Shoes Good for Seniors? YES!

14/04/2024 Bretta Riches 0

n seniors, minimalist shoes and being barefoot was found to do the most good in dramatically reducing injuries and falling as the flat sole and heightened sense of the ground was translated into more functional movement patterns that accounted for more stable landings, while strengthening the feet and ankles that accounted for big reductions in the risk of falling.

Are Cushioned Running Shoes Bad for Your Arches?

Are Cushioned Running Shoes Bad for Your Arches?

24/02/2024 Bretta Riches 4

Unfortunately, many components of the conventional running shoe was found to literally tear away at the functional strength of the arch in ways that causes long-term damage, including collapsed arches and chronic plantar fasciitis as compared with running barefoot or in minimalist (barefoot-like) shoes. Black Friday at!

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