Legs Hurt While Running? Here's How Forefoot Running Helps!

Is it Faster to Run on Your Forefoot? YES!

26/03/2024 Bretta Riches 0

There are certain factors at work that make forefoot running more economical than heel strike running. One proven factor is that landing forefoot-first enhances the leg’s spring compression, meaning the leg is more spring-enabled. This was found to dramatically reduce muscle energy costs, which puts you in a much stronger economic position. At the same time, forefoot running also does a better job at preventing increases in impacts from spreading out onto the rest of the leg and body.

How to Fix Lower Back Pain From Running: Fix Your Foot Strike!

How to Fix Lower Back Pain From Running: Fix Your Foot Strike!

20/03/2024 Bretta Riches 0

Lower back pain in running is directly related to running form whereby forefoot running coupled with enabling your torso to rotate was found to be the best prescription in reducing net impact loads off the lower back as compared with heel strike running, which was found to produce excessive impact that was found to cause degerative changes in disc height!

Is Barefoot Running Better for Hips?

Is Barefoot Running Better for Your Hips?

18/03/2024 Bretta Riches 6

When compared to thick cushioned running shoes, barefoot running was found to engage widespread mechanical improvements that did a better job at reducing net impact loads and mechanical demands on the hips that accounted for stark reductions in hip pain.

How Being Barefoot Makes the Feet Stronger

Is Forefoot Running Really Best for Your Knees?

08/03/2024 Bretta Riches 0

Safe and efficient knee mechanics were found to be only engaged through the use of a forefoot strike landing when running, not a heel strike. This is because forefoot striking was found to make the knee better at flexing and bending at landing, which in turn, reduced opposing forces on the knee by making the knee-joint hold more firm, while reducing excessive bouncing. Furthermore, improved knee flexion engaged by forefoot striking reduced high brake forces which resulted in little to no impact at the knee, while engaging more efficient accelerations with less muscle force generation than heel strike running.

Can You Heel Strike in Zero Drop Shoes?

Can You Heel Strike in Zero Drop Shoes?

21/02/2024 Bretta Riches 0

Heel strike running in zero drop shoes will get you injured fast because heel strike running naturally produces a heavy burst in collisional impact at landing, whereby a lack of padding at the heel was fond to cause more rising tides of high impact that severely burdens the heel bone and even the shin! Whats worse, running shoes with a thick cushioned heel was found to cause heel strike runners to plow their heel harder into the ground. This is because the foot tries harder to push through all the compressible cushioned materials in efforts to reach a more stable surface. But bigger than that, the key to preventing and avoiding these highly injurious impacts is to land with a forefoot strike because its on record for preventing the kind of impact that cause injuries, especially long bone injuries.

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