How to Get More Energy for Running Long Distances

Need more energy for running long distances? What you put into your body influences your running performance and the research really echo’s the relationship between diet and running performance. In this post, I make clear the long-list of research-backed natural health supplements, drinks and foods that may significantly help boost mental and physical stamina, so you can effectively take on the challenges of endurance running, helping you build more progress, more easily!

Pre Run Snack Ideas

How to Get More Energy for Running Long Distances

As an endurance runner, I am always looking for more ways to get more sustained energy for the long haul! If your running progress is too slow, here are some natural fatigue-fighters that are well-known for their health benefits and for giving a desired effect with enhanced energy, boosting mood and focus, helping raise your odds of performing well!

Oranges and Grapefruit

There’s no better way to revitalize your energy levels for running than by eating oranges and grapefruits before a run because both deliver a hefty dose of energizing vitamin C. How does vitamin C play an important role in boosting energy, with staying power, for running? According to Keri Glassman, founder of AND author of 4 bestsellers, including my favorite: The Snack Factors, Glassman noted that vitamin C helps wash away fatigue by improving the body’s capacity to absorb iron which in turn, rushes in more oxygen to the blood, thereby delivering more sustained energy. Another avenue vitamin C boosts sustained energy for running is that vitamin C is also an antioxidant that helps safeguard cells from cellular damage, thus less energy investment is needed to repair that damage and more energy can be shored up for running. Overall, vitamin C has a strong hand in providing energy extension, but also vitamin C serves as a safety net for your cells which may have positive post-run recovery implications, too!

Glassman also revealed sipping ice water spurs on a quick energy jolt! According to Glassman, drinking a tall glass of ice water unleashes a major rise in energy because firstly, fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration and secondly, ice water blunts fatigue as the coldness triggers rapid adrenaline release which is necessary for helping boost oxygen-flow to the brain. Glassman also recommends snacking on dark chocolate as another weapon of choice for getting a quick energy boost! According to Glassman, dark chocolate has the nutritional capacity to reverse negative mood by increasing the production of serotonin in the brain (serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for boosting cheerfulness and enjoyment), resulting in an uptick in positive, upbeat mood. In addition, dark chocolate also delivers a rising tide of sustained energy for running by squashing the over-production of stress hormones. By pushing-back on gloomy mood via sending more serotonin rippling through the brain, this is how eating dark chocolate before a run can re-double your energy in a sustainable way.


If your running performance keeps crumbling under fatigue, you may want to take more stock of bananas because they contain a handful of energizing nutrients that help you gain more sustainable stamina for running. British researchers provide strong evidence that eating one medium banana daily enables you to have greater focus and gives you new leverage for improved energy! According to the researchers, bananas are rich in brainpower-boosting potassium, natural fruit sugars and the amino acid, tyrosine, which taken together, these nutrients have lasting effects on deterring muscle fatigue and boosts the production of norepinephrine, a brain-energizing hormone needed for improved and sustained attention. This is how bananas can be a strong nutritional column that can effectively hold you up, more strongly, in the face of endurance challenges!

Probiotic-Rich Yogurt

Another dietary way to thwart negative mood, help you feel your best and refuel your energy needs for running is by including probiotic-rich yogurt to your overall runners diet because it was found to be essential in strengthening energy reserves by enforcing healthy gut function. The scientific evidence says that the role of healthy gut function is important in higher-quality energy sustainability. According to UCLA researchers and Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, author of Eat Fat, Lose Weight, probiotic-rich yogurt is a key source of gut health enrichment on account of improving chronic-inflammation fighting mechanisms in the gut which in turn, may increase your energy stockpiles, so you can not only expect to feel happier, but you may have the energy resources to get the job done out on the roads, trails or track!

Cashew Butter

Another food that may have a positive effect on mood and may send energy levels soaring is cashew butter! How does cashew butter work to support elevated energy sustainability for running? According to Dr. Drew Ramsey, author of The Happiness Diet, cashew butter is lush in re-invigorating healthy fats, protein and zinc which collectively helps lift fatigue by calming the brain’s response to stress, thereby lowering stress hormones which in turn, frees-up energy, helping you pull yourself together, making it easier for you to double down on your performance efforts for running! 


Cantaloupe is another energetically stimulating food that’s good for runners! Researchers have delved into what exactly gives cantaloupe such energizing enormity and it turns out that cantaloupe is a hefty source of a trace mineral known as inositol which has been study-proven to positively influence mood-regulation, sparking a pronounce spike in happiness and motivation –even more effective at driving positive mood than many antidepressants! Another big way cantaloupe rapidly boosts energy for running is by sharpening focus and enhancing mental drive. For instance, some research has found that cantaloupe is brimming in selenium and choline which are primary mediums for enhancing concentration and alertness and may help leverage more sustained energy for running! What is more, cantaloupe is a rich source of potassium which is correlated to reduced symptoms of anxiety! This is how enjoying some cantaloupe before a run may really help you blaze through those long miles with greater ease.


Oatmeal is highly nutritious and is in your corner as an energizing pre-run snack. Marisa Moore, R.D.N, a contributing editor to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food & Nutrition, noted that oats are complex carbs and are a hefty source of omega-3 fatty acids and potassium which concertedly support energy gains and improves the production of feel-good, happy hormones! It’s also worth mentioning that a growing body of research continues to find evidence of how oatmeal remedies fatigue. Studies have shown that those who ate oatmeal for breakfast enjoyed a 30% surge in happier outlooks, motivation, feelings of ambition than those who ate a different breakfast!

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are considered a staple for providing energy aid for running partly because they support positive mood. Definitive proof of sweet potatoes distinct energizing capacity comes from a Harvard study which found that sweet potatoes are filled with the energizing antioxidant beta-carotene which has a positive impact on mood regulation. Beta-carotene is a strong supporter of elevating happiness, making you feel more upbeat which translates into energy with staying power for running! The study found that those who ate 3 or more daily servings of sweet potatoes had a large boost in optimism and positivity, which may help bolster your performance efforts in moments of challenge during running!

Coriander Seeds 

One of the mysteries of attaining sustained energy for running lies not only with stimulants, but with foods, drinks and snacks that help steady blood sugar levels, thereby preventing blood sugar crashes that underlie tiredness and sluggishness. This is where coriander seeds come in because they were found to provide streams of energy via supporting more stabilized blood sugar levels. Reports in the journal Food Chemistry revealed that enjoying 1/4 teaspoons of coriander seeds on a regular basis may help prevent fatigue-inducing blood sugar crashes on the basis of coriander seeds contain a generous mix of plant acids known to prompt your muscles to burn more blood sugar for fuel, which overall may make a big difference in your energy levels, pulling you out of fatigue and injecting more energy to your stride.


Mounting evidence suggest that enjoying just ⅓ cup of peanuts may also help conserve and boost energy by steadying blood sugar, helping to produce better endurance sustainability for running. Research in the British Journal of Nutrition has shown that the healthy fats in peanuts help catalyze improved insulin sensitivity, enabling more fluid blood sugar control, reducing the threat of fatigue-induced blood sugar dips by 33%.


Chickpeas are another favorable dietary approach that spurs better blood-sugar regulation, thereby having a positive effect on energy sustainability for running. In fact, multiple threads of research revealed that chickpeas are abundant in two key minerals: copper and manganese which are known to encourage the pancreas to work more efficiently at promoting improved blood-sugar control, thus helping prevent full-blown blood-sugar downturns. Studies have shown that eating ½ cup of chickpeas daily may help prevent the risk of insulin resistance by almost 40% which in turn, may deepen your energy reserves for running.  


Indeed, blood-sugar crashes can chip away at a runner’s performance efforts. Luckily, apples can also be a real catalyst for energy extension for running via having a leveling effect on blood sugar. According to Eve Schaub author of Year of No Sugar, apples are abundantly rich in pectin, a form of fiber that may control appetite by keeping you fuller, longer and may have a blood-sugar stabilizing effect which in turn, may help stave off nagging, persistent sugar cravings. Because they promote healthy, energizing blood-sugar levels, apples can be a nutritious treasure for runners, especially marathoners, which can add fundamental value to your endurance efforts.

Apple Juice

Speaking of apples and their strong influence on elevating run energy, it’s going to take improved breathing capacity to boost your stamina for running, too! This is also where apples comes in handy. However, it’s apple juice you want to aim for to be able to breathe better for running! According to British researchers, apple juice contains a long-line of nutrients known to significantly enhance good lung capacity by playing a pivotal role in reducing seasonal allergies and may help resolute chronic asthma. The nutrients in apples juice found to be good for your lungs and breathing include flavonoids, catechins and quercetin (a natural antihistamine) which collectively may help improve severe sinus allergies and throat congestion symptoms, thereby helping to support sustained endurance for running.

More promising findings on the healthful effects of apple juice on lung function came from reports in The European Respiratory Journal. The researchers found that drinking 5 glasses of apple juice weekly may strongly aid in asthma prevention and may significantly reduce bronchial wheezing sounds and other bothersome asthma-related symptoms by 50%! Interestingly however, for reasons unknown to researchers, apples juice, not the whole fruit of an apple, has a richer protective effect on advanced lung health! So drink up!


In keeping with foods that are sustainable dietary solutions for improved blood-sugar control, mushrooms may help leverage more energy for running by supporting healthy pancreatic and liver function –obvious key areas in helping reduce fatigue during running! Georgetown University researchers discovered that enjoying 4 cups of mushrooms weekly can lower insulin levels by almost 30%! The researchers detailed that mushrooms are rich in beta-glucans which are compounds that bolster the capacity of your liver to improve blood-sugar monitoring and helps shuttle excess sugar (glucose) into storage before it can hijack insulin control. This is how eating more mushrooms may help lift up your energy levels in a more sustained capacity!

Cumin and Fenugreek Seed

Other foods study-proven to improve insulin resistance, thereby freeing up more running energy are ground cumin and fenugreek seeds! Research has also shown that both are chock-full of nutrients that help banish brain fog, boost alertness, and suppress appetite, all of which may add up to substantial energy gains for running. How exactly does ground cumin and fenugreek seeds boost mental and physical stamina? According to data in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, cumin and fenugreek seeds are incredibly nutrient-dense whereby their wide-ranging nutritional capacity helps prepare cells to have a more accelerated response to insulin and converts glucose to fuel more effectively, thus helping stunt energy-draining blood-sugar dips, making it easier to maintain energy for running. 

Oat Bran

Like ground cumin and fenugreek seeds, oat bran also has a sizable effect on improving the body’s capacity to convert glucose to fuel, thus providing a strong pipeline of energy for running! According to reports in the journal Nutrients, oat bran is a wealthy source of beta glucans which helps prompt your cells to convert glucose into fuel more effectively, thereby deepening your energy reserves for running.

Bitter Melon

Another health food that takes glucose and rapidly converts it to fuel is bitter melon, making it a potential power source for running!  According to reports in the journal PLOS one, eating one small bitter melon daily welcomes a 35% pep in energy, helping shift you from fatigue mode to go mode! The researchers revealed that bitter melon contains essential stamina-inducing nutrients that stimulate and energize your brain and body in the very same capacity that exercise does, which is by burning food for fuel faster, giving you more energy capital to work with for running! You can find bitter melon in grocery stores with an ethnic food section or in Asian food markets.


One incentive to adding more nutmeg to your meals is that it improves energy and concentration and there’s research that has rolled out why nutmeg is incredibly successful in helping you feel more upbeat and awake. Researchers at UCLA discovered that adding just a pinch of nutmeg to your meals triggers greater alertness, sharper focus and enhanced mental clarity in a matter of minutes! The researchers found that the essential aromatic oils in nutmeg leads to a dramatic uptick in the brain’s production of energizing beta-waves, helping bolster energy, so that fatigue doesn’t stop you from performing your best during running! 

Bee Pollen Granules

Bee pollen granules not only floods your body with tons of energy, but it floods your body with an enormous amounts of nutrients as well.  The health benefits of bee pollen seems to be endless! According to Joseph Mercola MD, author of Effortless Healing, states that bee pollen is a super-food by all accounts because it has more protein and amino acids than beef. What is more, 1 tablespoon of bee pollen granules provides the same amount of nutrients as 3 servings of fruits and veggies. Bee pollen is also an incredibly rich source of revitalizing and energizing enzymes, B vitamins and mood-boosting minerals, helping to influence positive mood and motivation. CAUTION: you might want to avoid bee pollen if you are allergic to bees, wasps and other stinging insects!

Dandelion Leaves

Overcoming fatigue for running may start with increasing your vitamin B and lecithin (a healthy unsaturated fat) intake as both are profoundly involved in sustained energy via leveraging enhanced focus and bolstering mental drive, which in turn, may transcend into improved endurance for running. Research has found that dandelion leaves are a vast stock of vitamin B and lecithin which have strong neuroprotective properties that may help resolute brain fog and strengthen your ability to focus by prompting your brain cells to communicate more fast and effectively which may help you uphold greater mental stamina and may help you work through the challenges of endurance running more easily. Another way dandelions may continue to facilitate enhanced brain energy is that according to enthnobotanist, Peter Gail, PhD, author of The Dandelion Celebration, dandelions have an impressive neuroprotective anti-antioxidant arsenal, having a more diverse range of anti-oxidants than broccoli or spinach, which again, may help revitalize your concentration and mental stamina, which can be blueprints for strengthened physical stamina for running. Gail also underscored that USDA has officially rated dandelion leaves as one of the healthier foods you can eat! This is how a runner can enjoy the nutritional, yet energizing benefits of dandelion leaves!


There’s a reason scientists have caught on to the significance of turmeric! It makes you more mentally resilient and more positive by reversing negative emotions, such as anger, depression and anxiety.  How does turmeric deliver mere happiness and feelings of joy? Many empirical investigations have found that taking a daily dose of 300-mg turmeric revs up energy and welcomes relief of depressive symptoms because curcumin, which is the pigment that gives tumeric its yellow color, increases DHA and serotonin in the brain, both are key in managing mood regulation, thereby helping you re-frame negative energy, enabling you to perform better during running.

Colorful Veggies

Sluggish mental stamina and emotional despair can shrink your energy reserves and threaten your running performance. Luckily, eating a cup of colorful veggies, particularly beets, broccoli, carrots and purple potatoes, daily has been scientifically shown to be a big contributor to sustained energy via boosting positive mood and motivation. How are colorful veggies a vital importance in transforming mood into an energizing power that may enrich your running performance? Research has found that vibrant colored veggies contain carotenoids (pigments that give produce their vibrant hues) play a starring role in resolving tiredness by expanding the production of dopamine, a mood-elevating neurochemical needed to support upbeat mood, mental clarity and ambition. In fact, recent reports have found that colorful veggies can slash your risk of fatigue and blue moods by 22%, helping to make you more ready to reach beyond in your running efforts!


Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom extract that helps strengthen motivational behavior and delivers high energy for running by effectively healing over-stressed adrenal glands. According to Asian studies, taking a daily dose of 1000 mg to 1500 mg of cordyceps stimulates adrenal gland healing, increasing your energy and stamina by 55%.

More support on the energy-boosting impact of cordyceps comes from Georges Halpern, author of the book, Medicinal Mushrooms, notes that cordyceps spur rapid changes in mood, making you feel uplifted, clear-headed and fatigue-free.

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola, a tiny green herb used in Indian ayurveda medicine for over 5000 yrs, promotes higher energy levels and is also imperative for emotional health as it plays a big role in enhancing focus and mood. Research continues to emphasize the positive effects of gotu kola on improving mental stamina such that new research found that a daily dose of a 1000 mg gotu kola supplement helps the brain process new information, enhances thinking and ignite’s greater mental clarity by 300%!

The main mechanism of action of how gotu kola works to give you renewed brain energy which in turn transcends into greater, lasting physical energy is by strengthening and fastening brain cell connections which is associated with heightened, enriched attention and sustained focus. In addition, gotu kola increases the production of new brain cells in key areas of the brain associated with memory formation and learning. Research also hints that gota kola may help lessen symptoms of anxiety and depression by reducing stress hormones which can interfere with focus, attention and physical stamina, according to Canadian researchers.

Asian Ginseng

You can enjoy a strong surge in not only energy, but positivity with Asian ginseng. According to British researchers, taking 100 mg to 400 mg daily of Asian ginseng energizes your body and brain by boosting the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the brain by 30%, resulting in clearer, sharper focus, more mental drive, enhanced motor coordination and faster reaction time. 

Ginseng Tea

If you’re looking for a fabulously stimulating alternative to coffee, give ginseng tea a try to give you more top-notch energy sustainability for running. According to Canadian researchers, sipping 2 cups of ginseng tea daily can renew and enhance your focus and mental stamina by 31%. The researchers identified that ginseng acts as a gentle, natural brain-stimulant that may help you break through energy ceilings which could influence better performance outcomes.

ACLAR (acetyl-L-carnitine)

ACLAR is a very satisfying stimulus that enriches mood and it is a great weapon for super-charging your will and determination for running. According to European researchers, taking 1000 mg a day of ACLAR boosts mood, energy, focus and mental concentration faster than many prescription antidepressants. The researchers noted that ACLAR uplifts happiness and enthusiasm by re-charging and super-charging sleepy, sluggish brain cells.  


More studies continue to support that guarana is a strong energy source that effectively takes out fatigue and sluggishness. Guarana is seeds from an Amazon fruit that is reported to have double the amount of caffeine in coffee beans, however a big bonus of guarana is that it doesn’t make you jittery or easily agitated like coffee’s caffeine does for many people; that is because guarana is rich in healthy compounds that slow the direct release of caffeine into the bloodstream.

More healthy ingredients of guarana that goes into giving you more energy for running is that it contains the same energizing and stamina stimulating compounds as chocolate. Plus, guarana is abundant in energizing catechins which is found in green tea. Studies show that guarana gives you high-level, sustainable energy that lasts up to 6 hours.

Fish Oil

Fish oil deposits more energy for running by prompting more brain energy. According to Joseph C Maroon PhD and author of Omega-3 for Optimal Life, taking a daily dose of a 2400 mg fish oil supplement energizes brain cells, helping to charge up and reinforce better focus, enhanced concentration, making you feel more clear-headed and motivated. 

5-MTHF (L-5 methyltetrahydrofolate)

Brain energy spawns greater physical energy and this is why 5-MTHF is an ideal choice for running energy!

5-MTHF is a natural energizer with enormous hidden health perks! 5-MTHF is a form of folate which was found to increase motivation and happier mood, which are among the most important when it comes to performing well in running. 5-MTHF was also found to reverse chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Research has found that taking a daily dose of 1 mg of 5-MTHF boosts energy and happiness by 55%; meanwhile 5-MTHF was found to reduce the risk of depression by 50%!


By eating more foods rich in beta-glucan, you will surely notice a positive shift in attitude and motivation which is going to help nurture greater, sustainable energy for running!

According to Asian researchers, beta-glucans, which is in mushrooms, oats and barley, energizes your brain by kicking-starting the growth of healthy new brain cells, protects the brain by reversing aging-related brain disorders, accelerates mental stamina and sharpens your focus by 25%. The mechanism of action behind how beta-glucans work to add more energy to your brain is by enhancing the brains capacity to burn energizing blood sugar for fuel.

Vitamin B Complex

You can really depend on a vitamin B complex supplement for regaining more energy for running. According to data in the journal Psycholpharmacacolgy, taking a B-50 complex can lift you up from fatigue and blue mood by energizing your nervous system and reduces the production of stress-causing hormones, such as cortisol.

Another proven mechanism through which vitamin B complex may help build up greater energy for running is by reviving and revitalizing mental stamina and alertness. Many landmark studies have discovered that vitamin B complex plays an increasing role in supercharging brain power which in turn, may help superimpose greater performance outputs during running. For one, some research has found that vitamin B complex contains brain-boosting thiamine, riboflavin and B12 which collectively works to replace worn out brain cells, allowing for the restoration of normal AND even heightened focus and cognitive (thinking) enrichment and from this, may help further drive endurance sustainment for running.


If your energy levels have stagnated, you can get more energy with CoQ10. CoQ10 is a compound implicated in keeping the heart muscles healthy and brain cells energized. According to British researchers, taking a daily dose of a 100 mg CoQ10 supplement translates into more energy by reducing fatigue AND another landmark health benefit of CoQ10 is it was found to reduce blood pressure by 17 points by relaxing arteries.

Healthy Unsaturated Fats    

Implementing more energy for running is a constant task! Another important step to unlock more energy for running is by eating more healthy unsaturated fatty foods. According to reports from a joint study from Duke University and University of Vermont, the researchers found that foods such as avocados, nuts, fish, seeds, and olive oil can give you a big bump in energy because these foods are high in the supply of healthy unsaturated fats that have the power to boost mood and reduce inflammation in mood-regulating areas of the brain!

Vetiver Oil  

If you want a quick reversal of brain fog and mental fatigue, take a whiff of vetiver oil as it correlates strongly to a massive energy boost. According to European researchers, taking 6 slow deep sniffs of vetiver oil can light up your energy and lift your mood instantly. The researchers suggested that the scent of vetiver oil stimulates the formation of energizing beta-waves in the brain, which is the ticket to attaining more brain energy!  

Black Pepper Essential Oil

In keeping with using aromas to give you a jolt of energy for running, try the scent of black pepper essentialAccording to Panola College research, taking a deep whiff of black pepper essential oil was found to significantly increase energy by boosting circulation to the brain and was found to activate the same brain receptors as nicotine.

For best results, take a whiff of an open bottle of peppercorns, ground pepper or a cotton ball infused with black pepper essential oil.

Vanilla Essential Oil

If you still feel squeezed with fatigue, another scent to consider is vanilla essential oil. The aroma of vanilla essential oil was found to prompt the release of serotonin, which is a happy, feel-good hormone in the brain that is also associated with satisfaction and greater confidence.  

Red, Purple and Black Grapes  

Grapes can help your body keep up with the energy taxing demands of running long distances, and better yet, another positive benefit of grapes is that they help you stay slim! Grapes are abundant in the essential energizing anti-oxidant, resveratrol. According to reports in the Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, resveratrol in grapes help deter fat from being stored by rapidly burning fat, converting it to energy. 

Another way grapes may channel in more energy for running is by boosting alertness and mental stamina. Research has found that eating 2 cups of grapes daily may help make your energy levels more prosperous as grapes are chock-full of vital nutrients known as polyphenols which may help reverse mental fatigue by prompting a strong surge in oxygen and nutrient rich blood-flow to the brain. Even better, experts suggest that polyphenols may dramatically improve brain health by beating down brain cell-damaging inflammation, potentially resulting in the reversal of early memory loss and also a massive reduction in Alzheimer’s risk. Therefore, by eating more grapes before a run, you can expect to feel more energized and make significant improvements in brain health and function, long-term!

Chia Seeds

Another highly effective fat-to-fuel converter are chia seedsChi seeds have quite the record of success for whisking away fatigue and unleashing momentus energy in a sustained capacity! This is because chia seeds contain a dynamic mix of exhilarating nutrients that can, right away, restore your vim and vigor for running. According to research out of University of Alabama, simply adding 2 tablespoons of chia seeds to your salad, smoothie or other foods may deliver more energy than a full bottle of Gatorade. In fact, the researchers found that the energy chia seeds can project lasts for 4 hours, making chia seeds an invaluable dietary asset for endurance runners. But what gives chia seeds their fatigue-fighting properties? The researchers revealed that chia seeds are an impressive source of omega-3 fats, copper and protein, which concretely help your muscles work more effectively in converting stored fat into fuel for energy, which is a big part of the portfolio in driving sustainable energy AND is no wonder chia seeds are championed by so many endurance runners. 

Blueberries and Strawberries

Blueberries play a starring role in delivering quality, lasting energy for running, partly because the antioxidants in blueberries are essential to optimizing serotonin production in the brain, which is a huge factor in making you feel more upbeat, motivated and confident.

According to reports in the journal, Pharmacological Research, blueberries are an incredible source of healthful antioxidants known as anthocyanins which are responsible for triggering greater serotonin production in the brain whereby the researchers discovered that eating a ½ cup of blueberries, fresh or frozen, daily may boost serotonin levels by 20%!

Blueberries and strawberries may also have an important role to play in bolstering run performance via improving movement coordination and efficiency! How do berries make it possible to move better? According to reports in the British Journal of Nutrition, strawberries and blueberries are a hefty source of polyphenols which are natural compounds that help nerve cells thrive and develop stronger connections in brain areas responsible for movement. This is just another example of how eating more blueberries and strawberries may give you new momentum in helping lower performance barriers that prevent you from seeking your full potential.

Another effective way blueberries and strawberries may strike against fatigue during running is by clearing away toxins out of the body, especially in the brain. According to Tufts University researchers, the nutrients in strawberries and blueberries play a powerful role in draining away toxic accumulation within the brain, enabling brain cells (neurons) to communicate faster, more efficiently with each other, thereby helping you maintain clearer focus and sustained mental drive.


Flaxseeds can really lend a hand to help advance your running performance by unleashing a steady stream of natural energy. According to Canadian researchers, flaxseeds are a massive source of lignans, which give you energy by soaking up toxins trapped in the pancreas –when your pancreas is healthy, this compliments high energy via preventing fatigue-causing blood sugar crashes. The researchers found that eating 2 tablespoons of flaxseed a day banishes tiredness and even anxiety, sadness, and depressed mood. 

The energizing goodness of flaxseed doesn’t end there! More research has emerged in support of the enormous energizing benefits of flaxseed. According to British researchers, adding 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed to your meals daily, may hike-up mood and motivation by 75%. According to the researchers, the energizing capacity of ground flaxseeds comes from that of flaxseeds are rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a healthy fat your brain naturally uses to make serotonin, a neurotransmitter that boosts positive mood, helping you feel more upbeat and ambitious, which in turn, may help counter mental fatigue, and therefore, may help deliver more voltage to your battery in a sustained way for running. 

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a convenient, energizing snack that are great for running because they contain a blend of stamina-boosting nutrients, such as copper, vitamin E and vitamin B6 whereby according to Stanford University researchers, this healthful trio in sunflower seeds helps improve the capacity of the brain cells to absorb serotonin, enabling you to feel more alert, positive and revved to go run!

Ginko Biloba

Ginko biloba can really lead the way to resituate your confidence, suppress edginess and overall, give you more energy for running.

According to Alabama researchers, taking a daily dose of a 120 mg to 180 mg ginko biloba supplement was found to prevent brain drain and even more important, was found to help shield the brain from age-related disorders by 40%!  The researchers discovered that ginko helps stimulate a greater release of the happy brain-hormone, dopamine, which plays an important role in enhancing mental clarity and improving feelings of happiness and motivation.

Nuts and Seeds   

Snacking on nuts and seeds are a delicious deal for guaranteeing energy for running, and here’s why! According to reports from the Los Angeles Center of Human Nutrition, nuts and seeds are high in artery-clearing omega 3 fats which help your muscles burn triglycerides for fuel!


To quickly ignite a lasting jolt of energy for running, all you need to do is smell the aroma of peppermint essential oil, suck on a peppermint-flavored candy, chew peppermint gum, or rub peppermint scented lotion on you.

According to Wheeling Jesuit University researchers, sucking on a peppermint candy can crank up your energy levels drastically as it was found to make hard, intensive exercise easier without even realizing it.

The science behind how peppermint delivers high-quality energy for running is that the scent of peppermint recharges and stimulates brain cells responsible for alertness!


Schisandra is an Asian berry that may play an important role in curbing fatigue and may significantly help advance your endurance capacity for running.

According to Swedish researchers, taking 500-mg a day of Schisandra was found to greatly relieve physical and mental stress and boost concentration and coordination, which are important compliments for endurance running!


Run happy, run farther! More and more research is finding crucial evidence on how rhodiola can produce effects of happiness by lifting symptoms of depression, anxiety and frustration.

In a sense, rhodiola can be thought of as an energizing anti-depressant whereby according to Chris Kilham of, taking 150-mg to 300-mg of rhodiola daily may significantly reverse fatigue, improve focus, mental energy which translates into greater, sustainable physical energy and stamina for running.

More research is bringing about how rhodiola rosea may dramatically impact mood as further research has revealed the mechanism of action of how rhodiola rosea brings promising results in terms of warding off depression, anxiety and tiredness.

According to Columbia University researchers, taking a daily dose of 500 mg of rhodiola rosea can help you get a real handle on fatigue, anxiety and depression. The researchers found that rhodiola rosea can help you bypass mental weakness and physical sluggishness by making you feel more happy, motivated and clear-headed. In addition, Richard Brown MD, author of How to Use Herbs, Nutrients & Yoga in Mental Health added that rhodiola rosea boosts happiness and optimism and overall, a healthier mental well-being, by slowing the breakdown of serotonin in the bloodstream, allowing more of this happy hormone to linger longer in the bloodstream which is going to sharply re-balance and improve mood and self-esteem.


You can breakthrough muscle fatigue by incorporating more protein in your overall diet. According to reports in the journal of Nutrition, consuming 30 g of protein weekly reverses age-related muscle degeneration, but also increases muscle strength and endurance capacity by 25 %!

A handy way to quickly add protein into your diet is to add a dash of 2 tablespoons of whey protein powder  into yogurt, smoothies, salad dressing, muffins and pancake batter , you can even stir into your coffee as well.


More levels of evidence makes the strong case that coffee has a strategic purpose for long distance running because it delivers reliable energy by effectively boosting heart rate, but also by shuttling in more brain energy, thanks to coffees polyphenols, which reinvigorates, recharges and protects your brain cells.

According to reports in the journal Nutrition, coffee plays a leading role in boosting brain health on a number of fronts. Coffee has been championed at shielding the brain from age-related degenerative disorders. The researchers found that drinking 3 to 5 cups of caffeinated coffee daily was found to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 27%! Because coffee is rich in neuroprotective nutrients, coffee may make you more mentally stronger and capable of going the distance!

Dark Chocolate

Getting more blood flow diverted to the brain is a sure way to fix fatigue and is a good foundation for sustainable stamina for running! This is what makes dark chocolate a superb choice for endurance running!

Mounting studies support the view that dark chocolate can be used as a performance enhancement because the cocoa in dark chocolate may greatly prevent energy downturn, simply by keeping your brain fresh with optimal blood flow. Furthermore, according to Columbia University research, dark chocolate is jammed-pack with energy-escalating flavonols which wakes you up by also delivering more refreshing blood and oxygen to the brain!


Keeping your heart and arteries strong and healthy are essential pillars in expanding sustained endurance for running and cocoa can really lead to transformative improvements in heart health. From this, cocoa may have special relevance in enriching stamina for running. The scientific proof comes from a Harvard study which found that cocoa relaxes and opens the heart’s arteries, prompting a 50% uptick in the free-flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart!

More heart-health benefits of cocoa comes from additional studies which found that increased cocoa consumption may dramatically reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels by 14% while boosting good HDL cholesterol levels by 12%. How? Research reveals that cocoa’s  flavonoids may support healthy cholesterol levels and circulation by helping bring down blood vessel inflammation, encourage artery relaxation and improve the liver’s capacity to re-balance cholesterol outputs. The study-proven effective dose is to add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to your coffee or smoothie, or snack on 2 ounces of dark chocolate, or enjoy a cup of hot cocoa daily!

Another way cocoa’s flavonoids lead to a continuous rolling of energy for running is that according to the Journal Appetite, the flavonoids in cocoa increases the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the brain, resulting in better reaction time and enhanced attentiveness! This is how cocoa may provide sustainable energetic value for running and is a healthful dietary approach that may help you perform better!  


Rosemary was also found to be a quick and easy way to promote optimal energizing blood flow to the brain. According to British researchers, seasoning your food with rosemary effectively boosts nutrient-rich blood to the brain, resulting in better concentration and mental drive!  

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens (spinach, romaine lettuce and kale) were found to be valuable at preventing exhausting blood sugar dips, thereby lifting the chance of pre-mature fatigue during running!

According to data in the British Medical Journal, leafy greens are high in magnesium and alpha-linoleic acid and other healthy nutrients necessary for nudging your body to use insulin more efficiently, which in turn, helps your body resist rapid energy-threatening blood-sugar dips and crashes.

There are also credible reports that have shown specific greens, such as spinach, avocados and kiwi’s support sustained energy improvements for running because they are enriched in essential thyroid-protecting nutrients. Understanding the root cause of chronic fatigue can be a complex problem, but studies have found that an under-nourished, sluggish thyroid leads to a greater susceptibility to chronically low energy. The good news is, according to Italian researchers, spinach, avocados and kiwis are rich in carotenoids, which are plant compounds connected to improved thyroid function as well as the healing of damaged thyroid tissues. This is how these specific greens may multiple your energy levels in a sustained way for running by improving common thyroid-related symptoms, such as banishing brain fog and ongoing fatigue, thus making a real difference in your performance outcomes.

Last but not least, ANOTHER channel through which green veggies can deliver sustained energy for running is by converting more fat, particularly abdominal fat, to fuel. An assessment of this connection came from University of Illinois researchers whereby the researchers discovered that the accelerated ab fat-to-fuel conversion was made possible by the rich carotenoid content in green veggies. According to the new findings, the carotenoids in green veggies bolster your livers capacity to convert fat to fuel more effectively which in turn, may help stave off energy shortages during running!


Speaking of magnesium, this wonder mineral was found to support high energy for running in many ways! It was found to prompt the muscles to burn more blood-sugar for energy, regulates hunger (i.e. reduces aggressive appetite via shutting down snacking urges) and dramatically reduces your odds of developing depression, all key areas for helping reduce fatigue for running! Even better, if you are in a mood-drought, magnesium was found to provide a big happy pick-me-up, resulting in a 53% transformational shift in positive mood! The recommended daily dose of magnesium is 400-mg, but it also relaxes muscles and creates a state of calm, so make sure you take it before bed to achieve best results for being energized the next day!


A runner needs the contribution of vitamin K to enrich energy sustainability. Because of its rich vitamin K content, radicchio, a red-leafed lettuce, may rush in more energy for running by making a tremendous difference in mental stamina. According to Canadian researchers, radicchio’s extensive vitamin K content is a big donor of energy because it energizes sluggish brain cells, thereby reducing brain fog and supports increased mental clarity, this in turn, may benefit your performance outputs for running!

Herbal Tea

In keeping with supercharging your thyroid to attain more energy gains for running, specific teas such as black, green, oolong or white tea may help prevent energy shortages by effectively supporting a more rejuvenated, youthful thyroid. According to reports from the University of Connecticut, these teas contain a vast spectrum of phyto-nutrients that reduce tissue-damaging, fatigue-inducing inflammation within the thyroid gland, whereby the researchers found that enjoying 5 cups of these teas daily may slow thyroid aging by 42%, thereby helping stave off energy droughts, enabling you to do even more in achieving better performance outcomes in running.

White Tea

Speaking of white tea, when the brain’s feel-good, happy hormones dopamine and serotonin levels are low, your performance efforts may suffer. Luckily, white tea may be essential to the contribution of sustained energy for running via bringing dopamine and serotonin levels to scale. According to tea expert Nadia De La Vega, white tea can really be a beacon of sustained energy because it is rich in L-theanine, a compound that directly stimulates deep currents of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which taken together, may help you push more beyond and may help prevent your performance efforts from eroding under fatigue.


I can’t stress this enough, but energy shortages can be triggered by weary thyroid function. Seafood, such as fish, shrimp, lobster, clams and crab have the nutritional resources that can strengthen the energizing capacity of your thyroid, helping decrease your chances of getting burned out during running.  Although, I wouldn’t recommend eating seafood before a run, adding more seafood to your post-run meal menu may feed and fortify your thyroid in ways that may keep you energized, in a sustained way, for when you are running. According to Karilee Shames, Ph.D, coauthor of Thyroid Mind Power, seafood is saturated in thyroid-recharging omega-3 fats, protein and iodine, all of which powerfully repairs damaged thyroid tissues and bolsters the production of T3 (triiodothyronine) which is THE most energizing type of thyroid hormone, which in turn, is going to help suit your distinct energy needs as a runner! Shames suggests to commit yourself to eating 12 oz of seafood weekly to make sure your thyroid is effectively supported in improving its energizing outputs.

Dried Fruits

Another all natural thyroid support aid that helps give you more energy capital for running are dried fruits, such as raisins, dried cranberries, prunes and dried apricots. Research out of UCLA confirmed that snacking on ⅓ cup daily of dried fruits may boost thyroid function by 35%, prodding it to be more fully engaged in helping extend energy for running. The researchers noted that dried fruits contain an energizing-squad of minerals, namely boron and potassium, which stimulates the thyroid to produce more triiodothyronine (the strongest, most energizing hormone in the body!) This is how eating more dried fruits can help keep fatigue out by acting as a thyroid booster, helping you leverage renewed energy for running!


Almonds also contain thyroid-nourishing nutrients that may help derail fatigue, thereby helping you bank more sustained energy for running. According to Canadian researchers, enjoying ¼ cups per day of either almonds, cashews and sesame seeds could boost thyroid function by 35%, helping to widen your energy reserves for running! The researchers underscored that almonds, cashews and sesame seeds are loaded in copper and zinc which are minerals known to help set the stage for raising energy by providing under-active thyroid help in ways that may give you more stamina and improved brain focus! This is how almonds, cashews and sesame seeds help nurture your thyroid, making it easier to get your energy levels off the ground!

Curry Powder

The less brain inflammation you have, the more upbeat and more sharply focused you will be for running long distances because your brain cells will be communicating faster and efficiently which will help you succeed in maintaining greater mental drive and stamina.

According to enthnobotanists, Chris Kilham, curcumin contains over 200-plus phenolic compounds which exerts its influence on brain energy by significantly reducing brain inflammation.

To really understand how curcumin prompts more brain energy and thus physical energy for running, curcumin has another brainpower boosting compound, called ar-lumerone, which provides a greater space for mental stamina by repairing damaged brain cells and helps create new ones, leading to a whopping 80% increase in more brain energy! 


Incorporating more avocado’s in your runners diet may reverse energy decline because evidently, avocados work very similar to curcumin by keeping your brain shielded from energy-zapping brain inflammation.

Mounting evidence has found that the monounsaturated fats in avocados is directly implicated in reducing brain inflammation, which is also directly related to reducing edginess, moodiness and other symptoms related to depression, all of which is going to propagate better running performance –because you are more productive when your mind is projecting confidence! However, the energizing effects of avocados doesn’t stop there such that avocados give off ‘the runner’s high’ feeling.

Another mechanism has been revealed with respects to how avocados bolsters energy. According to research in the journal Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, avocados contain 2 essential brain nourishing and energizing compounds called, carotenoids and oleic acid, both increase endorphins, the chemicals responsible for the runner’s high sensation!


A chamomile supplement may be another avenue to help make running long distances more mentally easier as chamomile was found to firm up confidence, making you put forth more effort, more diligently with greater ease.

According to research out of the University of Pennsylvania, taking a daily dose of a 220-mg chamomile oil capsule may sky rocket your mood and happiness by 50%. The researchers also discovered that chamomile worked faster and effectively as many prescribed anti-depressants without the crippling side effects!

Ultimately, chamomile can really help you get around the mental frustrations of running long distances as it was strongly associated with reduced feelings of discouragement –when you are in a good mood, when you are more upbeat, you are more hopeful and more confident which is going to transcend better performance gains. 

Blood Oranges  

According to data in the Annals of Neurology Reports, eating more blood oranges energizes your brain because they contain an abundance of vitamin C and folate, helping dial-up energy, meanwhile its reddish-purple pigment delivers a force that gets you energized for running by keeping brain cells consistently healthy and firing more rapidly, keeping your mind fresh and focused. Another added health bonus of blood oranges is that they may reverse brain aging by keeping your brain stronger and sharper for life.


Amla, which is an Indian gooseberry, was found to be highly effective at halting exhaustion. According to research in the Journal of Environmental Biology, amla revs energy and boosts brain power since its packed with brain-enhancing nutrients and minerals, such as polyphenols, iron and chromium AND amla is incredibly high in vitamin C!

More details from the study discovered that amla slows the breakdown of brain cells responsible for learning and memory and helps prevent the accumulation of proteins that interfere with brain cell communications and functions considered the culprit behind Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, not only does amla double your energy levels, research has consistently found that amla is aggressive against fighting age-related brain ailments.


There is a lot of evidence that shows berries give good energy for running by nourishing your adrenal glands, helping to enhance mood and motivation. According to Dr. George Halpern, author of Medicinal Mushrooms, berries can help heal over-worked adrenal glands, especially if your adrenal glands are over-producing the stress hormone, cortisol. Furthermore, according to reports out of Arizona State University, eating 3 cups of berries weekly can dramatically boost energy and mood, making you feel 33% happier and more upbeat because berries are rich in 2 essential, fatigue-suppressing nutrients: anthocyanins and vitamin C, which are the basic energizers your adrenal glands need to help keep cortisol output under control.

Other reports have found that berries, fresh or frozen, have potent anti-depressant-like effects, prompting positive mood and mental stamina. How berries boost mental energy and positivity? According to Australian researcher’s, berries are loaded with plant pigments known as anthocyanins which have been found to spark significant improvements in mood and energy. In fact, the researchers found that eating 3 cups of berries, fresh and frozen, per week, may reduce mental fatigue by 50%! The researchers found that anthocyanins raises the production of the brain’s happy hormone, serotonin, a necessary imperative to obtaining extra energy via upping motivation and mental drive!


In keeping with brain-power foods, broccoli can also save you from fatigue during running by eliciting greater mental energy. According to Harvard research, broccoli contains 2 invaluable brain-boosting nutrients, vitamin K and folic acid, which may prevent your stamina from perishing by revving alertness and attention in a sustained capacity.

Whole Grains       

Another way to keep your run energy going strong via nourishing your adrenal glands is by eating more whole grains, such as brown rice, wild rice, oatmeal and popcorn. According to Canadian researchers, whole grains are saturated in magnesium and the amino acid, l-tyrosine which stimulate the production of healing enzymes that help strengthen your adrenal glands and because of this, whole grains reduced tiredness and depressed mood by 80%.

Another scientifically interesting fact about the energizing properties of whole grains, specifically whole-grains such as brown rice, oatmeal and whole-grain pasta is that they may promote more optimal mitochondrial function which is good for sustainable stamina for running. Now, a study in the journal Psychopharmacology finds that eating these whole-grains regularly can boost energy and endurance by 33%. The researchers found a tight link between the b-vitamin content in whole grains and reduced muscle weakness and tiredness whereby improvements in muscular strength and energy was based on the capacity of the b-vitamins in whole grains to stimulate mitochondrial revival needed for your muscles to be more energy efficient!

Other ways whole grains alleviate fatigue is by boosting alertness and improves blood-sugar stability. Research out of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York reported that whole grains contain a luscious blend of brain and pancreatic nourishing ingredients, such as B vitamins, essential minerals and fiber that work in concert to steady blood sugar, and also firers up your concentration and improves mood and mental drive. Most notably, the researchers revealed that whole grains keeps your brain youthful, enabling your brain to function as if it was 12 years younger!

Green Peas

Incorporating more green peas in your runner’s diet can have a positive impact on blood sugar health and metabolism, which in turn, may help free-up more energy for running by preventing fatigue-causing blood sugar crashes. According to British researchers, green peas are full of a compound called coumestrol which steadies blood sugar, thereby halting rapid blood sugar dips and also promotes the muscles to burn more blood sugar for fuel instead of storing it as fat. 


Another proactive approach to boost energy and go farther in running is with ginger. According to data in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, ginger is great for over-turning fatigue by improving mental focus and speeds up reaction time. This is because ginger is a potent source of gingerol, which boosts blood and oxygen flow to the brain, helping wake you up.

Ginger also calms stressed adrenal glands and helps protect the brains housekeeper cells, which insulate brain cells and filters out toxins and metabolic waste. So, ginger is another force that will help keep your brain young, protecting it from age-related brain disorders, but at the same time, ginger enables lasting energy efforts.


This small fruit is a great weapon against tiredness as it deploys energy for running by curbing appetite. Trouble is, when you are hungry, your energy levels dip, but kumquats ensure a steady supply of energy by making you feel less hungry.

According to reports in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry kumquats stimulate the sensation of fullness, helping suppress appetite. This is because kumquats contain a handy appetite suppressor, called pectin, which essentially expands in your stomach, stopping hunger from creeping up.

Lime Essential oil   

For a quick energy boost, take a whiff of lime essential oil. According to reports from the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation, the research confirmed that the scent of lime essential oil stimulates the production of brain energizing beta- waves which plays a huge part in increasing focus, alertness, and mental stamina for at least an hour per sniff.


Phosphatidylserine, is a soy extract that is another effective way to stimulate higher energy levels for running. According to research in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, taking 100-mg per day of phosphatidylserine improves energy and brain power by increasing the brains production of acetylcholine, which is a natural compound that helps install more energy-efficient brain cell connections, inducing faster communication between brain cells, making you more sharply focused, fresh and wide awake for running!


For a jolt of immediate energy, consider smelling the aroma of a lemon peel as the scent of lemon automatically grants you lots of energy. Infusing your water with lemon works just as well for potently fighting tiredness. It turns out that lemon contains a detoxifying compound, D-limonene, which helps purify the liver by clearing away fatigue-triggering toxins by 30%.

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice plays a great effect in boosting energy for running because of its antioxidant richness! Carrot juice packs a lot of stress fighting power thanks to being high in an antioxidant, beta-carotene, which boosts positive emotions and was found to cut your risk of depression by 37%.

The energizing credit of carrot juice also goes to its enormous carotenoid (an antioxidant) content! In fact, carrot juice is one of nature’s largest single source of carotenoids whereby according to reports form the Harvard School of Public Health, carotenoids help spark the expansion of positive feelings and optimism, which may fit so well in bringing your energy levels back to a stable, more sustainable basis for running. Moreover, one cup of carrot juice unleashes the nutritional equivalent of 3 whole carrots and also helps usher in carotenoids at a faster rate. Not to mention, carrot juice was found to be three times more concentrated in vitamin A, five times more concentrated in vitamin C and has twice the amount of B-vitamins, all of which may help you be more fully energized in seizing those long, hard miles during running!

Orange Juice

Another juice that’s a heavy source of energy for running is orange juice! Previous research has shown that orange juice is incredibly effective at banishing brain fog and fatigue. How can orange juice help a runner leverage more endurance power? According to the European Journal of Nutrition, orange juice is saturated in flavonoids which helps deliver a sustained energy punch for up to 6 hours by boosting alertness, improving mental speed and concentration within minutes. Another effective way orange juice continues to provide energy for running is that its pulp is brimming with blood-sugar stabilizing fiber which helps preserve and improve healthy blood sugar levels, thus preventing sugar-crash fatigue. Side note: a recommended healthy orange juice choice is Minute Maid Pure Squeezed Light Orange Juice.


Keep muscle fatigue away and boost strength and stamina for running with 2,000 mg of the amino acid, L-ornithine. How does it work? According to work in Nutrition Research, L-ornithine helps your body use fuel more efficiently, so you can enjoy a surge of energy during running AND L-ornithine removes the fatigue-causing ammonia that builds up in the muscles when you run overtime.

Sage Tea 

Looking for an alternative to coffee? Need a more long-lived mood-boost? Try sage tea for a boost of energy since your body doesn’t build a tolerance to it like it does with the caffeine in coffee. Plus, sage tea does not give you the jitters that are so often accompanied with caffeinated coffee. How exactly does sage tea give you lasting, high-quality energy? According to research out of England’s Northumbria University, sage slows the release of enzymes that breakdown acetylcholine, a brain chemical or neurotransmitter in the brain that wakes you up. Basically, sage allows energizing acetylcholine to linger around in the brain longer, keeping you wide awake.

Black Tea 

Block out physical fatigue and mental exhaustion with happiness-boosting black tea. According to the journal Appetite, black tea reboots your energy levels because it contains the mood-lifting combo: caffeine and l-theanine which collectively works to send feel-good energy, making you feel instantly more joyful.

This evidence mirrors findings out of the journal Nutritional Neuroscience which found that black tea boosts cognitive function (i.e it can make you smarter) than coffee AND also, the energizing effects of black tea kicks-in within 20 minutes! Why would black tea be more effective at boosting focus and concentration in a more sustained way than coffee? For one, what good does it do if you are jittery or your energy levels plummet as per the common side-effects with coffee? This is not the case with black tea! The researchers discovered that the reason black tea does not cause jitters or energy crash, like coffee so often does, is credited to black tea’s luscious blend of caffeine, tannins and l-theanine  (tannins and l-theanine evidently counteracts the ‘jitteriness’ of caffeine), which concretely helps spur enhanced, sustainable focus, which can do much or more to help bolster your running performance!

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D assists in lasting-energy for running by balancing blood sugar levels. According to reports in Nutrition Research, taking 420-IU of vitamin D3 daily has a positively enormous effect on improving insulin sensitivity and glucose (sugar) blood levels to the point of actually reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes. The researchers specified that vitamin D gives you the energy you so richly deserve for running, by nourishing the hypothalamus, which is a very tiny gland in the brain that regulates most biological functions in the body, including blood-sugar level regulation as well as the body’s response to insulin, helping you feel fresh and well-energized for running.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 can give you a big energy leap. According to the North American Journal of Medical Sciences, if you are more tired than usual, consider taking 1,000IU of vitamin D3 to put pep in your stride. Upping your Vitamin D3 intake is especially important during the winter, where we don’t get as much sunlight. The mechanism of action behind how vitamin D3 boosts energy that’s lasting is that it energizes muscle cells, preventing physical fatigue from creeping up.


The first challenge of attaining lasting energy for running is with stabilizing your blood sugar levels, thereby preventing sugar crash fatigue. For instance, cinnamon was found to have a powerful leveling effect on blood sugar levels. Cinnamon has been widely used in traditional medicines for the treatment of a wide range of health ailments, particularly, preventing blood sugar spikes and even type 2 diabetes!

  • According to Shane Ellison, M.S, cinnamon controls high blood sugar spikes by simulating muscle cells to remove sugar from the blood when insulin is high.

The smell of cinnamon can also trigger a dramatic boost in energy! According to research presented at a recent annual meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Science, smelling the aroma of cinnamon stimulates activity in areas of the brain that controls alertness and mood, making your mind more sharp and focused as well as leaving you feeling more upbeat and motivated.

Comparative studies have established that cinnamon keeps your brain young, fresh and crackling by preventing age-related brain cell damage.

Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements give you lots of energy for running because there is a very strong brain-gut connection, that has been emphasized many times by researchers, that influences mood and brain energy. When your gut is not functioning optimally, this can take hold of your energy levels and mood. Make taking a multi-probiotic supplement a priority because it helps your brain get more energized by keeping your gut healthy.

  • According to work in the journal of Gastroenterology, taking a probiotic supplement high in ‘good bacteria’ allows you to feel more energized by making you feel significant less stressed and anxious.

When you feel great, you run great and produce great performance results quicker!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil gives you energy by naturally protecting and detoxing your liver. Sometimes our liver needs revitalizing because of a poor diet which underpins sluggish liver function which is enough to make you feel sluggish.

  • According to the World Journal of Gastroenterology, extra virgin olive oil is very high in antioxidants that curbs chronic tiredness by recharging your liver’s natural ability to burn food and stored fat for energy.

By replacing the fats in your diet with taking 3 tablespoons of extra virgin oil is enough to strengthen your liver’s energy processing productivity and your tiredness will fade away.

Pine and Cedar Scents

If you’re reluctant on taking supplements, one natural way to get a boost of energy is with the scent of pine. According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, MD, reported that the scent of fresh evergreen triggers the release of brain chemicals that boost mood and alertness.  Furthermore, according to reports in the American Medical Association Journal, the scent of cedar also improves attention, focus and mood by increasing the flow of nourishing oxygen to the brain by 30%. You can get candles that are pine and cedar scented or you can get them in essential oil form as well.

Pumpkin Seeds

You can improve your energy levels, greatly, for running with pumpkin seeds! Why are pumpkin seeds such a smart power for running? A growing body of evidence has found that pumpkin seeds are a solid source of magnesium whereby individuals with healthy levels of magnesium were found to be far less likely to experience depression and had soaring upbeat moods. How does magnesium have the capacity to enhance mood? Magnesium is scientifically proven to brighten mood by directly increasing the brain’s production of the happy, feel-good, positivity hormone, serotonin. Magnesium was also found to provide the same boost in positive mood similar to exercising! With that in mind, if you don’t want to take a magnesium supplement, you can snack on some pumpkin seeds as a more delicious alternative, since 1 ounce of roasted pumpkin seeds contains 156-mg of magnesium! So, don’t let diminishing energy levels sabotage your running performance! Consider pumpkin seeds as a dietary aid to break from low motivation and rebuild quality mental stamina for running!


Although I wouldn’t recommend eating eggs before running, incorporating eggs as part of your post-run meal strategy may help you bank more sustainable energy for running. According to Japanese researchers, eating two eggs daily may help supercharge your energy as the protein in eggs has a leveling effect on blood-sugar, helping prevent fatigue-induced blood-sugar dips, but also, eggs are rich in the amino acid, taurine, which has the distinct capacity to energize brain cells and triggers a steady stream of energizing beta waves in the brain!

More ways eggs fuel the brain and body for running is that according to University of Connecticut researchers, eggs sharpens focus, enhances alertness and boosts mental drive. The researchers noted that eggs are rich in brain-boosting choline, a B-vitamin that keeps brain function more robust and viable AND may prevent the formation of artery-clogging plaque in the brain, thus helping keep your brain youthful! Another piece of good news: choline is also a building block of acetylcholine, a hormone known to help emit brain energy, too! 

Another proven mechanism in which eggs floods your body with energy is by rebooting your thyroid in ways that improves the flow of sustained energy by 22%! Research in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition shows that eating 2 eggs daily gives energy to your body because eggs are highly concentrated in lutein and zeaxanthin, essential nutrients that play a starring role in prodding your thyroid to absorb more amino acids and convert them into energizing hormones more effectively, enabling you to uphold enhanced stamina for running.

Overall, because of their unique capacity to improve brain health and supply the nutrients your body needs to thrive in an energizing capacity, it’s easy to recognize that eggs may have a dedicated position on the energy spectrum for runners, which may afford a runner better performance results.

Tuna and Salmon

Like eggs, tuna and salmon are other foods I wouldn’t recommend eating before a run, but eating fatty fish after a run can certainly help you build more sustainable energy for running as fatty fish may probe the brain to produce more serotonin, the happy brain chemical thought to be at the root of feeling motivated, ambitious and energized. This is how tuna and salmon may provide another route for deepening your energy reserves for running. It turns out, new findings in the Journal of Aging and Health revealed that enjoying 16 oz of salmon or tuna per week may reverse feelings of depression, restore energy and uplift mood by 42% which could in turn, have positive implications on running performance. The researchers underscore that fatty fish contains mood-regulating, blues-busting omega-3 fats which switch on a set of brain enzymes that make the production of serotonin even more powerful, thereby helping to rekindle more energy for when you do run. This is how incorporating fatty fish into your post-run diet may improve your ability to make more performance gains.

Researchers also highlight that tuna may help spark sustained energy for running by offering a helping hand in recharging a sluggish thyroid. According to data in the International Journal of Epidemiology, enjoying 12 oz. of tuna weekly may dramatically reboot your thyroid, improving its function by 47%! The researchers underscored that tuna is loaded in selenium, a mineral that safeguards your thyroid from toxins, making it easier to prevent damaging inflammation inside the gland AND selenium also adds further to improving thyroid function by reversing and healing aged thyroid tissues! This is how eating more tuna may help put into action the nutritional support your thyroid needs to spur a more youthful thyroid and bolsters its capacity to leverage renewed energy for running!

Take Home Message

There are various, diversified ways to boost energy for running, whether it be taking supplements, eating better or using topical measures, such as essential oils, to help you level the playing field and give your body better economical potential to perform well when running.

So, try out the health supplements I just mentioned and see how you fair, especially because they are scientifically-backed which makes them stand-out from other natural health supplements. You want to rely on what really works, so it certainly helps that the effectiveness of these supplements are verified in the scientific literature!

There’s certainly a lot to be gained from clean fuel and these health supplements can certainly make all the difference in advancing your performance. 

IMPORTANT! ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS check with your doctor or another health professional before changing any medications you currently take AND before starting any new supplement(s), just to be on the safe side!

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