Vivobarefoot Stealth II Review

If you’re looking for a summer minimalist running shoe that’s well-ventilated, you’ll love the Vivobarefoot Steath II!

Vivobarefoot Stealth II Review

The Vivobarefoot Stealth II is a zero-drop, road running shoe that is made for long distance running. So, if you are looking for a marathon shoe, the Stealth II is what you want to check out and try for the summer because it’s v-mesh upper makes it so breathable, it feels great on your feet when everything else is scorching in the heat.

The V-road rubber outside and upper is paper thin –very light materials — and the inner-lining is seamless, so you can wear the shoe sockless without getting any skin irritations.  The rubber outsole is 3 mm thin and can handle any road.  If it rains, don’t worry, because the shoe provides pretty good grip on slippery surfaces –the tread pattern actually makes the outsole slip-resistant, so you can run worry-free in the rain.

The biggest bonus of the Stealth II is that increases sensory input on the feet, which promotes better neuromuscular awareness, helping you keep your balance and posture composition for successful performance in running.

I love that the shoe weighs only 7 oz –it’s so light that you can barely feel anything on your feet. It’s smart to run in a lighter shoe because it allows more energy to be saved during the swing phase of running gait.

The shoe comes with a removable insole, so if you prefer a little more cushioning for your long ride, you can leave it in; if you prefer to feel the ground, you can take it out and get more connected to the earth and improve your body’s proprioceptive system.

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Bretta Riches

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Bretta Riches

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