Minimalist Running Shoes vs Traditional

Are Minimalist Shoes Bad for Your Feet?

22/06/2020 Bretta Riches 0

One of the many functional assets of minimalist running shoes is a wide toe-box because it enables the toes to spread, flex, bend, extend and relax which is incredibly effective in improving both static and dynamic balance, but also helps disperse the little shock that’s produced in forefoot running as compared with narrow running shoes.

Overpronation Stability Running Shoes May Actually Damage the Feet

Why Do Running Shoes Cause Injuries?

19/08/2019 Bretta Riches 2

Stability running shoes actually cause injuries because there’s more scientific conclusiveness showing that these shoes either cause overpronation or restricts the natural pronatory movements of the foot in ways that pushes the kinetic chain up the leg away from the natural order. Conversely, running barefoot or in barefoot-like footwear is one of the best ways to get immediate improvements in pronation control.

Can Running Shoes Hurt Your Feet?

Can Running Shoes Hurt Your Feet?

17/04/2019 Bretta Riches 1

One way running shoes with stability constructs hurt your feet is the narrow, constraining, inflexible fit reduces the functional engagement and strength of the foot’s muscles, tendons, soft tissues and bones which in turn contributes to flatten, inefficient arches. The net effect of this is not only weak, intolerant feet, but it also causes foot overpronation (unwanted foot motions) which causes mechanical misalignments of the ankle, shin, knee and hip.

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