Does Heel Striking Cause Shin Splints?

Does Heel Striking Cause Shin Splints?

02/07/2023 Bretta Riches 0

One reason heel striking causes shin splints is because landing heel-first prevents the ankles from absorbing impact by causing the ankle to be unusually stiff at heel strike. The ankle stiffness was found to amplify the ground reaction force on the shins as compared with forefoot running.

Heel Strike Running Injuries

Is Heel Striking Bad Form in Running?

26/05/2023 Bretta Riches 5

The specific impacts and physical stressors in heel strike running are the single biggest contributors to most injuries, especially severe injuries as compared to forefoot running, which is well on record for preventing all the injuries caused by heel strike running.

Does Foot Strike Matter in Running?

Does Foot Strike Matter When Running?

13/03/2023 Bretta Riches 0

In running, foot strike does matter because mounting research shows that how you land on your foot directly affects your knee joint mechanics which was found to have an enormous influence on impact production.

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