Legs Hurt While Running? Here's How Forefoot Running Helps!

Is it Faster to Run on Your Forefoot? YES!

26/03/2024 Bretta Riches 0

There are certain factors at work that make forefoot running more economical than heel strike running. One proven factor is that landing forefoot-first enhances the leg’s spring compression, meaning the leg is more spring-enabled. This was found to dramatically reduce muscle energy costs, which puts you in a much stronger economic position. At the same time, forefoot running also does a better job at preventing increases in impacts from spreading out onto the rest of the leg and body.

Is Barefoot Running Faster?

Is Barefoot Running Faster?

11/02/2024 Bretta Riches 0

Barefoot running was found to improve the mechanical chain of events that made the arch and Achilles significantly more energy efficient and protected from high impact. Conversely, heel strike running in cushioned running shoes was found to be the least effective way to power the elastic structures in the lower leg, while the leg and lower back faced more rising tides of heavy impact.

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Why is Running On Your Forefoot Better for Long Distances?

Why is Running On Your Forefoot Better for Long Distances?

28/01/2024 Bretta Riches 0

One of the many reasons forefoot running sustains most safely on the body and more efficiently than heel strike running across all distances is by engaging a significantly higher degree of smoothness in foot-placement at landing, which not only was found to reduce surface forces, over-striding, over-pronation and brake loads, it also made the arch better at loading more energy-saving elastic power, which enabled the foot to spring up with minimal muscular effort at each step.

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