Vivobarefoot Evo Lite Review

Run like the wind in any weather condition on any terrain in the Vivobarefoot Evo Lite, which is Vivobarefoots more cushioned, more comfortable and protective barefoot shoe with the added perk of being water-resistant!
Vivobarefoot Evo Lite Review for Forefoot Running

Another winning feature of the EVO Lite is its M-width toe-box creates more space for optimal toe splay for better balance control while strengthening and positively reshaping your feet in ways that the traditional running shoe could never do!

What’s the Vivobarefoot EVO Lite Good For?

The Vivobarefoot EVO Lite is entirely water-resistant and rugged that works well on any trail-type, especially in warmer weather because the shoe is super light and airy!

Moreover, whether you go fast or slow, this shoe can handle whatever workouts in the gym as well! 

Upper Specifications:

The supple leather upper makes the shoe rated as one of Vivobarefoot’s most comfortable shoes that can be worn comfortably without socks.

Vivobarefoot Evo Lite Review

Even better, the upper is super stretchy to fit perfectly for wider feet and it’s also highly breathable.

The upper’s lightweight construction is also impressively durable without sacrificing flexibility.

Sole Specifications:

The Vivobarefoot EVO Lite sits on a zero-drop, super thin, yet impressively durable, traction-oriented sole that offers better grip and quicker acceleration in various trail conditions. The sole is also thin enough for you to stay completely in tune with your forefoot running form.

Vivobarefoot Evo Lite Review

The shoe also comes with a removable for a tiny bit more cushioning and protection against trail debris. But, without the insole, the EVO Lite has slightly more underfoot cushioning and plush-feeling than other barefoot shoes by Vivobarefoot. In fact, the underfoot feel of the EVO Lite is similar to the New Balance MR00.

Final Thoughts: 

For such an extremely light and nimble shoe, the Vivobarefoot EVO Lite has a whole lot to offer, like getting your feet to move quickly and stably in undesirable trail conditions while mirroring the barefoot experience!

Bottom line, the EVO Lite is for those who want a little more underfoot protection while offering up some ground-feel to help keep your forefoot strike proper!

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