SoftStar Moc3 Review

They say there’s no substitute to barefoot running, unless you’ve tried the Moc3 by SoftStar! This is because for one, the Moc3’s design is literally a carve out of the human foot, thereby engaging the toes in the way that they should. For another, the super thin, zero-drop sole really helps you work toward that more perfect forefoot running form. This is why you have much to gain with the Moc3’s!

If you’re on the hunt for an incredibly wide barefoot shoe that can be used not just athletically, but fashionably, there’s every reason the Moc3 will be the shoe for you!

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The SoftStar Moc3 makes the feet truly as free as possible because the shoe is one of the widest barefoot shoes out there! In fact, the Moc3 is more than wide enough to comfortably wear toe spacers which works best for positively reshaping the feet in ways that the traditional running shoe could never do.

Everything about the Moc3 is barefoot-certified because the shoe gives you a powerful sense of ground which always works out for the best in encouraging proper forefoot running form, and not to mention, a significant portion of foot strength progress comes from ground-feel!

What is the Moc3s Good for?

The SoftStar Moc3’s are perfect for easy runs on any surface in dry conditions. They’re also terrific for walking on the streets and roads as well as hiking on dry off-road terrain, such as gravel roads, heavy rocky and pea gravel paths, dirt trails and grass.

The Moc3’s are exceptionally comfortable, and the comfort holds up extremely well on road-to-trail routes in warm or cold, dry weather.

What I appreciate most about all SoftStars shoes, especially the Moc3’s, is the brand prides itself on designing footwear that is moulded around the natural shape of the foot to keep the feet functional and to help you make more effective mechanical corrections. Here’s how:

Sole Specifications

The Moc3 sits on a 2-mm super thin, zero-drop (completely flat) Vibram rubber sole that does an outstanding job at replicating the feel of barefoot.

The sole is configured with deep grooves in key areas to create more flexibility so the forefoot and rear of the shoe moves independently, especially on uneven ground.

Another aspect of the Moc3 that makes it so appealing and barefoot-worthy is the sole employs strategically placed carvings to make the entire sole functionally specialized to work with your foot and allows full flexibility to move more agile.

Despite being super thin, the sole impressively puts enough rubber in contact with the ground to firmly grip dry, dirt covered rocks while being protective enough where sharp rocks, roots, branches and glass doesn’t painfully jab into your underfoot. The sole also provides excellent protection from the heat of the pavement on hot days.

The enhanced rubber grips exceptionally well on soft grounds and hard trails (again, in dry conditions) and overall provides a brilliant combination of protection, ground-feel and lively responsiveness that allows for quick, nimble feet over any terrain.

The Moc3 also has a no-slip inner sole to inspire more confident strides on technical grounds.

Last but not least, the Moc3’s sole is zero-drop which is very effective in allowing you to connect properly on your forefoot when you run and helps correct other mechanical wrongs, like reducing overstriding and overpronation, which will dramatically cut down on injury. Always remember that sensory strength at the feet (i.e ground-feel) positively shapes running form by improving neuromuscular coordination for a smoother, softer, lighter forefoot strike. This is why you have much to gain with functional footwear, like the Moc3’s!

Upper Specifications

The upper is another reason the Moc3 is truly enjoyable to wear because its extremely comfortable where you’ll never want to stop wearing these shoes!

SoftStar keeps the Moc3’s upper design very simple, yet nicely sheek, allowing the shoe to be dressed up and down! The upper also delivers unmatched softness and suppleness, making the shoe a sure go-to that you can rely on for comfort from the first time you put them on.

 If you need more toe space, the Moc3’s upper offers a new degree of openness thats supportive of maximum toe splay. The upper is also stretchy to enhance its fit for all foot shapes!

The upper delivers an irritation-free wrap of the top, front and sides of the foot, offering a smooth nearly seamless fit when you’re sockless in the shoe. They also slip on quickly and easily!

The Moc3 upper is made exclusively of high quality real, very soft leather that is fully perforated, allowing sufficient ventilation. The upper also keeps your feet warm in temperatures well blow 40F. This is especially true if you wear warm, thick socks in them.

The Moc3’s upper is flexible on all fronts and light to allow natural foot motions and makes the shoe super convenient for packing when traveling.

Overall, the smooth, one-piece upper performs best on dry days, regardless of temperature, and provides ample flex for moving extremely well with the foot . 

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Final Thoughts

The SoftStar Moc3 is for very easy running efforts and works well for walking and hiking on a range of terrains, but  functionality is where this shoe really shines because its an entirely new class of width. The width is unlike any kind which will make you feel more complete.

The shoe’s design is simple and effective and absolutely squares with helping you achieve maximum forefoot strike leverage and does the necessary job at keeping your feet functionally resilient. They really are a better option to going barefoot!

If you’re interested in pair of the Moc3, you can get your paws on a pair here!

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