forefoot strike running heel strike running leg injuryRunning on the heels causes lower leg injury.  Heel strikers who are plagued with injuries, or looking to get faster, need to run with a forefoot strike as its less forceful and the human body was designed to run this way only.

Real Runners are Forefoot Strikers, Not Heel Strikers

The best distance runners in the world are forefoot strikers not heel strikers, not to mention,  Alberto Salazar ensures his athletes run on their forefoot because it is much safer, more economical than heel running.

What YOU Should Know About Heel Striking

  • running is NOT hard on the body. Running is only hard on the body if you heel strike!

Forefoot Striking Safer Than Heel Striking

When you start running forefoot, you will notice how much more comfortable it feels compared to heel striking. This is because peak impact forces are eliminated.

Forefoot running protects the joints, muscles and bones from impact and repetitive shock all of which are present in a heel strike. Heel strikers experience countless running related injuries per year despite improvements in modern footwear that claim to have corrective properties.

Benefits of Switching to Forefoot Running

  • running related injuries will decrease
  • longer and harder training sessions without interruption from injury

RunForefoot.com aims at educating and spreading awareness on the health harming dangers of heel striking. Most joggers are heel strikers, and most get injured.

There is a strong correlation between heel striking and running injuries, however, by running forefoot, leg pain, back pain and other body aches will vanish. You were born to run, but to run forefoot, no rearfoot! Rearfoot is for walking, forefoot is for running.

More on Running Forefoot vs Heel Striking

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Bretta Riches

MSc Neurobiology, running geek, and founder of Run Forefoot. I was a heel striker who was always injured. I was inspired by the great Tirunesh Dibaba to start running forefoot, now running feels natural and I'm injury free. I launched Run Forefoot to advocate the health & performance benefits of forefoot running & to raise awareness on the dangers of heel striking.
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