Banned Coffee Review

I am always looking for new ways to stay sharp in the morning as the mornings have never been kind to me, especially as a morning runner, I often feel draggy. This is why I can always use a steady flow of energy.

With all the research concluding that coffee has the capacity to dramatically improve health because of its potent anti-oxidants, and the fact that many of my favorite runners, like Shalane Flanagan, are avid pre-run coffee drinkers, I decided to adopt this health habit, too. But, I wanted to aim for the coffee that packs the most caffeine.

Banned Coffee Review

Best Energy Coffee For Running

Banned Coffee Review

One brand that caught my attention was Banned Coffee because of its incredibly high caffeine content, which was exactly what I was looking for because its not only great for physical performance, but mental performance as well.

Banned Coffee is considered the world’s most caffeinated coffee, and I can attest to that, not doubt about it!  Not only did one cup give me a quick, yet lasting jolt of energy, I actually noticed a marked difference in the quality of my run. Not to mention, I had loads of energy after. Overall, I am sill energized later in the day, in a great mood with clearer thinking. I am very happy with this coffee. I just drink one cup every morning. A lot less cups than I was drinking with other coffee brands.

I also like that there is no side-effects to Banned Coffee –you don’t get that zombie-crash at night, nor do I have trouble falling asleep at night either.

As for the taste, it doesn’t taste burnt like other coffee brands. Banned Coffee tastes richly strong, yet smooth and goes down easy, even on an empty stomach –it doesn’t give you that gut-rot feeling. To me, Banned Coffee tastes great cold or hot, but for the summer, I prefer to drink it iced as shown below.

Banned Coffee
Minimalist shoes + rocket fuel = happy with my performance at the Chicago Half Marathon! If you really want to up your game, try a stronger coffee, like Banned Coffee.

This is a very powerful coffee, by a long shot, and I especially enjoy drinking it when I have a long day ahead of me and I know I have many tasks to do, like super clean my house, study and work, all in the same day. I am so happy I found this company and cannot recommend Banned Coffee enough to those who are looking for natural energy. I am definitely going to drink it before I go running because I just love the quick energy it gives me.

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