Barefoot Running and Shin Splints

Why Your Shins Hurt When Running Barefoot or in the Vibram FiveFingers

04/07/2023 Bretta Riches 0

Barefoot running actually prevents shin splints, overall, by enhancing the proper forefoot strike that’s more stable and less impact-intensive. However, temporary shin splints may arise in newbie barefoot runners simply because their leg strength is unconditioned, but the shin splints will fully resolve as soon as the legs adapt to the new running condition.

What Should I Do with My Upper Body When Running?

What Should I Do with My Upper Body When Running?

16/03/2023 Bretta Riches 0

Multiple lines of research has shown the best way to use your upper body when running is to lean forward while letting your torso slightly twist side-to-side (i.e. thoracic rotation). This was found to dramatically improve the shock absorbing characteristics of the back, alleviating lower back pain and it even unstresses the knees!

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