What Should I Do with My Upper Body When Running?

What Should I Do with My Upper Body When Running?

16/03/2023 Bretta Riches 0

Multiple lines of research has shown the best way to use your upper body when running is to lean forward while letting your torso slightly twist side-to-side (i.e. thoracic rotation). This was found to dramatically improve the shock absorbing characteristics of the back, alleviating lower back pain and it even unstresses the knees!

Is Forefoot Running Better for Your Knees?

Is Forefoot Running Safer for Your Knees?

27/01/2020 Bretta Riches 0

Multiple studies during the past decade has declared that forefoot running is far better for your knees than heel strike running. Even better, adding a slight forward lean to your forefoot running stride has proven to make it easier for the knees to handle higher, faster, harder mileage.

Cushioned Running Shoes May Cause Over Pronated Feet

Cushioned Running Shoes Cause Injuries by Forcing the Feet Into Extreme Positions

16/08/2019 Bretta Riches 0

Thick cushioned running shoes with stability support increases the risk of injury by forcing the feet into extreme positions which causes the ankles to work harder in holding the foot more steady. This increased mechanical work at the ankles also spills over onto multiple sites of the leg, like the shins and knees, and is a net contributor to ankle sprains, shin splints and runner’s knee.

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