Healthy Protein Recipes for Runners

Protein delivers protection to your muscles and eating protein-rich foods is one of the best ways to transform your running performance. Here are some healthy protein recipes for runners that will be sure to make your dinners more filling and flavorful.

Healthy Protein Recipes for Runners

Healthy Protein Recipes for Runners

For best results, make sure you pair anyone of these protein ideas with a non-starchy, negative calorie side-dish, such as carrots, asparagus, or gluten-free side-dishes, such as quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato and beans.

I love to eat fish, and I’m so glad that it has healthy fats for recovery and it also reduces cortisol levels (a nasty stress hormone), helping you feel relaxed. Try this mouth-watering baked tia salmon dish from iFood Real.

Power up your recovery and double your protein intake with these turkey cabbage rolls by Feasting Not Fasting.

Aside from being incredibly easy to cook, this balsamic tofu recipe is an incredibly effective way to give you a protein boost from the Pancake Warriors.

Eating seafood not only triples your omega-3 intake, but this easy seafood quinoa petalla dinner idea is protein-rich which revs your metabolism from My Food & Happiness.

This asparagus, chicken quinoa bake not only packs a lot of protein, but tons of fiber too, keeping you fuller long and less prone to snack on sweets afterwards from The Creative Bit.

This delicious quinoa, chickpea and spinach soup will help you warm up and recover fully after a chilly run by Making Tyme for Health.

What’s a post-run recovery meal without chicken? How about adding a little yogurt to your chicken for a happier gut, this is why you should feast on this Mediterranean Greek yogurt chicken salad from Whole Yum.

For another savoring chicken dinner, try this healthy, super easy-to-make Kung Pao chicken dinner from Fit Foodie Finds.

Lets not leave mushrooms out of the post-run recovery equation. Another reason I love mushrooms so much is that they nourish the pancreas, preventing fatiguing blood-sugar fluctuations. So, try these cheesy portabella pizzas by Fresh Fit Foodie.

Get ready to end a hot summer run with this lemon, cucumber quinoa salad from Canola Info.

Another reason why I love fish is for its pain-killing anti-inflammatory omega-3s, and this baked basa fillets is great for that by Lisa Eats.

I like a little kick to my chicken. The good thing about spices is that they block belly fat buildup. Add some sweet potatoes on the side to give you a potassium boost, which keeps blood vessels healthy. That’s why you should give this sweet potato spicy chicken dinner a try from A Healthy Life For Me.

Salmon is another simple way to stack up on protein. Here is a salmon teriyaki noodle meal you’ll enjoy from Rasa Malaysia. Looking for something sweeter? Whip up this salmon-honey teriyaki dinner by Girli Chef

Unwind after a long run with this Greek chicken quinoa bowl from Flavorite.

I love using chickpeas in soups, which is why I love this flavorful chickpea pumpkin coconut curry soup from Emilie Eats.

I love baked potatoes, but I’ve never ate one like this before. You should try these skinny buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potatoes by Note Enough Cinnamon.



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