What Improves Speed? Barefoot Running with a Forefoot Strike

What improves speed in running? Barefoot running was shown to improve speed via the adoption of a forefoot strike in habitually shod heel strike runners instructed to run barefoot for the first time.

What improves speed in running? Running barefoot with a forefoot strikeA study by Baroody investigated the influence of a 10-week barefoot training program on running economy and found that:

  • barefoot running improved running economy, as less oxygen was used to fuel muscles
  • barefoot running led to better force distribution and better utilization of the arch of the foot and Achilles tendon
  • subjects had faster two-mile and three-mile run times after barefoot training and while running barefoot
  • barefoot running led to faster running times because foot and lower limb mechanics improved

Interestingly, other work has shown that runners running barefooted, or in minimalist footwear, showed no difference in running economy. Perhaps, like running barefoot, running in minimalist footwear, encourages a forefoot strike due to the lack of padding and cushioned elevated heel.

Therefore, barefoot running and minimalist running, is moving closer to becoming a mainstream training strategy for competitive runners and for heel strikers wanting to transition to forefoot running.

Tips on How to Learn Forefoot Running:

Run forefoot, you are faster than you think!


Baroody, N. (2013). The effect of a barefoot training program on running economy and performance. Undergraduate Research Journal. University of New Hampshire.

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