Why Are My Feet Tired After Running?

Why Are My Feet Tired After Running?

04/04/2024 Bretta Riches 0

One of the main causes of tired feet after running is foot strike pattern. It turns out, how you land on your foot when you run has big implications for your foot’s energetics, whereby heel strike running was found to cause more rigid, high impact landings, while the line of travel of the foot when interacting on the ground was found to undergo a more harmful line of trajectory, tied to more over-pronation (i.e. the heel is forced into extreme positions) as compared with forefoot running, which was found to make more efficient, yet passive use of the foot. All in all, heel strike running causes the foot to grapple too much with the ground, which was found to be both inefficient and ineffective from an economical and injury preventative standpoint.

Do Your Feet Get Tougher If You Walk Barefoot? YES!

Do Your Feet Get Tougher If You Walk Barefoot? YES!

25/01/2024 Bretta Riches 0

Spending more time barefoot will get your feet stronger than ever by enhancing the foot’s nerve communication which was found to directly stimulate increases in healthy blood vessels, soft tissues, fat pads, muscles and bones of the foot, whereas most cushioned athletic shoes are too narrow and inflexible, causing the foot’s engaging muscle activity to be overly restricted, and muscle tone diminishes.

It is Better to Wear Minimalist Shoes?

Is it Better to Wear Minimalist Shoes?

12/12/2023 Bretta Riches 0

If you want stronger, healthier looking feet, then yes, it’s better to wear minimalist shoes because you’ve got to get your feet to work on their own if you want to bulk up foot strength. The unrestricted, wide, fully flexible fit of minimalist shoes allows your feet to engage freely, which is the best way to get your feet to work effectively.

Why it is Easier to Run Barefoot

Why is it Easier to Run Barefoot?

05/06/2023 Bretta Riches 0

Its easier to run barefoot because it deepens your reflex coordination to land with an improved forefoot strike that’s significantly more responsive and SAFE than running in thick cushioned running shoes.

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