How Do You Treat Heel Strike Pain?

How Do You Treat Heel Strike Pain?

27/01/2024 Bretta Riches 0

Heel strike running is the most damaging style of running to the heel because the mechanical risk factors engaged at heel strike were found to wear away the heel pad. What’s worse, cushioned running shoes was unhelpful because heel-impact was actually amplified. In recent years, several compelling studies have emerged to explain that the best path for protecting, not just the heel, but the body from impact-related damage, forefoot running’s claim to fame is there’s so little impact acting on the entire body that it does no harm.

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Is Heel Strike Running Less Efficient? YES!

18/01/2024 Bretta Riches 0

When compared to forefoot running, heel strike running was found to be less economical on account of excessive vertical oscillation coupled with lunge-like strides, causes the musculature of feet and legs to work harder than normal to push the upper body higher up off the ground, thereby performing more work against gravity.

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