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Inov-8 Bare XF 260 Review

12/09/2023 Bretta Riches 1

The anatomically-shaped, zero-drop Inov-8 Bare-XF 260 is an excellent weightlifting, crossfit and obstacle course racing shoe that is responsive and durable enough for long runs on the roads. You’ll also love that the meshy, stretchy upper creates an airy seal thats easily ajusted with the Velcro closure, really anchoring you down to the sole without any pressure points!

Inov 8 Bare XF 210 Review

Inov-8 Bare XF 210 Review

05/09/2023 Bretta Riches 1

The Inov-8 210 has a barefoot-fist design with a traction-oriented sole made for obstacle course races, road and trail running, cross fit and is equally exceptional for every day, casual wear.