How Can I Run Without Injuring My Knees?

How Can I Run Without Injuring My Knees?

20/01/2024 Bretta Riches 0

What can a runner do to protect their knees? Research shows that heel striking and wearing a knee brace are the two biggest contributors to chronic knee pain and injury! As it turns out, heel strike running or running with a knee brace pushes many aspects of your stride mechanics out of neutral range, resulting in excessive impact on the shin and knee! This is why a knee brace is an imperfect solution because it comes with a heavy burden, whereas forefoot running is seen as a net positive, promoting reliable impact protection and more controlled stride mechanics necessary to preventing knee injury.

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Is Forefoot Running Better for Your Knees?

Is Forefoot Running Safer for Your Knees?

27/01/2020 Bretta Riches 0

Multiple studies during the past decade has declared that forefoot running is far better for your knees than heel strike running. Even better, adding a slight forward lean to your forefoot running stride has proven to make it easier for the knees to handle higher, faster, harder mileage.