Skora Phase-X Review for Forefoot Running

Stuck on what to decide for a marathon shoe? Experience the lighter side of endurance running with the Skora Phase-X.

Zero drop with comfort and reflective enough for the dead of night, the Skora Phase-X is great for forefoot running because of its zero drop design, wide toe box, super flexibility and lightness.

The Phase-X can be used on the track and roads and is durable enough for long distances (i.e. ultramarathons) and trail races.

Skora Phase-X

Skora Phase X Review
The Skora Phase-X contains anatomical flex grooves that allow the shoe to move evenly with your foot when forefoot running

Skora Phase-X Review for Forefoot Running

The Phase-X is lighter than the ONE, however the outsole is thicker than the Vibram Fivefingers, Vivobarefoot and Merrell Vapor Glove, but it is thin enough to help you with your forefoot strike.

The Phase-X also fits similar to the original Phase, but the X has more cushioning around the ankle to prevent blistering for when you are sockless.

More Natural Fit All Around

Skora Phase-X Review
Ergonomically Correct – The Skora Phase-X has a concave forefoot design that corresponds to the natural geometry of the human foot.

The lacing system on the Phase-X is angled, helping relieve strain on the top of the forefoot. The upper also breathes very well.

Forefoot Running Shoe - Skora Phase-X
Hit the Trails – The blown rubber outsole provides quality traction for the trails and rugged terrain.

The heel of the Phase-X gives a more rounded feel, which helps encourage natural rearfoot motions intended to attenuate impact during forefoot running.

Other Notable Features of the Skora Phase-X:

  • D-width forefoot
  • found to improve compartment syndrome and plantar fasciitis
  • 11 mm outsole
  • comes with a 3 mm removable insole
  • can be worn with or without socks
  • protective rubber toe bumper
  • more padded than most barefoot running shoes
  • asymmetrical tongue helps it stay in place
  • the entire shoe is mostly made of reflective materials, making night-time running safer
  • very sturdy and durable upper
  • wide toe box –great for bunion sufferers!
No Heel Striking – The thin outsole keeps you off your heels when running.

Overall, the Skora Phase-X is ideal for forefoot runners who like lots of cushioning. The cushioning is thin enough however, to stimulate a stronger foot and allows your forefoot strike to be easily sustainable.

Unfortunately, the Skora Phase-X is no longer available, however the next best alternative to the shoe is the Lems Primal 2!

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