Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review

If you prefer a plusher, more well-cushioned barefoot shoe or if you’re looking for a barefoot shoe that can exceedingly handle   the toughest mud obstacle course race or a road marathon, the   Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO will seal the deal for you!

Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review
Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review

The KMD EVO is a more protective, warmer version of the Vibram Bikila and has similar durability to the Vibram Trek Ascent LR . In fact, the KMD EVO is one of Vibram’s most durable barefoot shoe, without compromising ground-feel and weight. The KMD EVO’s still provides enough ground-feel for stronger balance and dexterity needed for zipping around on super technical trails! 

Whats the Vibram KMD EVO Good For?

The KMD EVO rides better for the long haul, thanks to the shoes very strong construction and extra underfoot cushioning that doesn’t feel spongy. 

The KMD EVO is cushier than most Vibram shoes and works great for long, off-road adventures including long runs, walks or hikes on grass, sand, wet surfaces as well as long miles on the roads. The shoe is also a better choice for leaping and climbing over obstacles in Tough Mudder and Spartan Races.

All in all, the KMD EVO has many high performance features, helping you get more mileage out of the shoe, here’s why:  

Sole specifications

The KMD EVO has a more capable sole thats ready for high mileage. The zero-drop sole is 11-mm thick (2-mm EVA sock-liner + 6-mm EVA midsole + 3-mm rubber outsole), but still allows you to feel the road, getting you more connected to the ground than standard trail running shoes, but is cushioned enough to take some of the ouch out of the rocks, glass and other pointy debris in your way.

Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review

Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review
The robustly protective, grippy tread delivers sure footing in a variety of conditions, especially wet conditions, and provides excellent protection against stone bruising, giving you confidence to move fast over rocky, rooted paths!

The tread features an array of multi-directional rubber lugs that provides excellent traction in sloppy conditions, enabling you to run as fast as you can on slippery surfaces.

The KMD EVO sole is more protective than the Vibram KSO Classics, Vibram Bikila EVO, but has less padding than the Vibram Trek. Bottom line, the KMD EVO’s sole provides robust protection, comfort and traction that offers a plush landing suitable for long runs, walks, hikes, at any pace, especially faster paces, on any terrain.

Upper Specifications

The KMD EVO’s upper is a blend of 100% low elastic polyester filaments and a weave-based mesh that provides plenty of comfort and breathability.

Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review

The upper has extra strength and structure than other Vibram shoes and does a great job at protecting you from more rugged terrain while completely enveloping your foot like a seal to keep out debris.

The upper is exceptionally comfortable; it feels like you’re wearing your favourite pair of socks and its also flexible to automatically adapt to the shape of your foot. The upper has standout accents that comes in several vibrant colour schemes, too!

Vibram FiveFingers KMD EVO Review

As for lacing, the KMD EVO employs a one-pull lacing system with a Velcro strap that prevents the foot from sliding around inside the shoe. It also allows for quick and easy adjustments, making the shoe easier to put on and take off in a hurry.

Lastly, the upper features individual toe sockets which gives a more anatomical fit that makes the toes truly as free as possible to spread and flex, the way they were designed to. 

Final Thoughts

This comfy cushy barefoot shoe fits the bill for many reasons. For one, the combination of durability and traction makes the KMD EVO an ideal shoe for ultra marathons and obstacle course races. For another, the KMD EVO is just as ready for the roads as it is for trails. But the bigger incentive of the shoe is it translates ground-feel into correcting mechanical imbalances while improving the strength and shape of your foot in ways that the traditional running shoe could never do.

If you’re interested in the KMD EVOs, you can get there here!

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