Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review for Forefoot Running

If you are a long distance runner, if you do a lot of mud obstacle course races, like Spartans, Warrior Dashes and Tough Mudders, if you do a lot of trail running on rocky, uneven terrain, or purely on soft grass, my Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO review will convince you that the Vibram KMD EVOs are not only one of the most durable Vibram Five Finger running shoes, but these shoes allow you to dominate in all these running arena’s by making a positive difference in your foot/ankle strength and overall mechanics.

Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review
Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review

Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review for Forefoot Running

If you liked the Vibram Bikila’s, the KMD EVO are a more protective, warmer version of the Bikila. Like all Vibram running shoes, the KMD EVO is a barefoot-inspired running shoe which structurally compliments the anatomy of the human foot, improves sensory motor coordination, but is tough on rocky paths, so you don’t feel every pebble under your foot.

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The KMD EVO adds a little extra padding under your foot, making it a more comfortable trail running shoe as compared with most Vibram Five Fingers footwear. How much protection does the KMD EVO provide? Some minimalist runners may argue that the KMD EVO is too cushy, but there are many forefoot runners who enjoy super cushy shoes. So, if you love that cushy, plush, softness underfoot feel, this is why you’ll love the KMD EVO: it has a total of 11-mm of underfoot protection (2-mm EVA sock-liner + 6-mm EVA midsole + 3-mm rubber outsole) preventing painful pressure points on the foot during forefoot running.

Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review

Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review
Similar to the Vibram Trek Ascent LR, the KMD EVO is designed with exceptional durability, making it a superb endurance trail running shoe. The KMD EVO is also highly flexible and responsive –great for leaping over obstacles, making them highly suited for Tough Mudders and Spartan Races.

Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO Review
The KMD EVO is also foot conforming, giving a personalized fit, especially if you have wide feet.

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Other notable features of the KMD EVO:

  • More underfoot protection than the Vibram KSO Classics, Vibram Bikila EVO, but has less underfoot padding than the Vibram Trek
  • Weave-based, mesh-like upper for excellent breathability
  • Weighs between 5.64 oz to 7.4 oz (depending on the size)
  • Upper completely envelopes the foot, sealing your foot in the shoe while keeping out debris
  • Ideal for leaping, climbing and balancing; great for running on grass and sand; good traction for wet surfaces
  • Robust, yet extremely comfortable upper materials; more durable than the upper of the Bikila EVO
  • Velcro straps gives a more secure fit; prevents foot from sliding around inside the shoe; allows for quick and easy adjustments, also makes the shoe easy to put on and take off in a hurry
  • Reduces knee and back pain; allows you to develop stronger arches; according to numerous wear-testers, the KMD EVO is a good solution for shin splints, runners knee
  • Wide toe-box for optimal toe splay, providing sturdy balance; stretchy upper materials expand nicely over bunions; great for wide feet
  • Very comfortable because of the added protection; you cannot feel sharp stones
  • Machine washable and air dry; takes a little longer to dry due to the material thickness
  • Great for walking and hiking in addition to running
  • Excellent traction on wet surfaces

Vibram Five Fingers KMD EVO ReviewVibram 5 Toes Barefoot Shoe Review
Withstand the challenges of rugged trails and get more connected with nature in the KMD EVO. Only such a shoe has the capacity to make you a better, stronger forefoot runner and achieve real results.

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  1. How do you think this compares to the Trek Ascent? I am torn between the two and trying to decide which to get next. I love my KSO and KSO Evo pairs but need something a little better suited for trail running and obstacle course racing.

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