What is the Best Nike Barefoot Running Shoe?

Nike does have a barefoot running shoe called the Free 1.0 Cross Bionic, and it was purely made with functionality in mind to make your feet more prepared to take on more miles and to help secure immediate improvements in running form, which includes forefoot striking, not heel striking.

What is the Best Nike Barefoot Running Shoe?
The design of the Nike Free 1.0 Cross Bionic is entirely dedicated to reproducing the barefoot-feel proved to be essential for getting your forefoot strike running mechanics in proper order while simultaneously keeping your feet strong and tolerant of longer, harder miles!

The Free 1.0 Cross Bionic is Nikes most maximum barefoot-feeling shoe that is completely free of any kind of rigid, restrictive structures, thereby allowing the feet to work independently and gain additional strength. Allowing the feet to be as free as possible is primarily responsible for making your feet function properly.

Even better, the Cross Bionics paper-thin sole delivers a great sense of the ground which enhances your stability perception, and more important, you’re less likely to falter with your running form because the more your feet can feel the ground, causes your initial reaction to instantly land lighter.

What’s the Nike Free 1.0 Cross Bionic Good For?

The Cross Bionic is the perfect versatile daily trainer that is also road and trail-ready in that the shoe is a solid go-to for speed-work and explosive, high intensity training, while the sole grips well on wet surfaces and tor trail running.

What is the Best Nike Barefoot Running Shoe?

The Cross Bionic is also incredibly feather-light, giving a barely-there feel, making it easy to feel fast with faster reaction times. In fact, the Cross Bionic is the most lightest shoe Nike offers. 

Because of their long-lasting comfort, the Cross Bionic is also a great walking shoe.

Upper Specifications: 

The Nike Free 1.0 Cross Bionics upper is made of thin, stretchy, lightweight and fully adaptable fabrications thats durable enough to last mile after mile without weighing you down.

What is the Best Nike Barefoot Running Shoe?

The uppers interior is also made with a soft-touch, built-in sock liner, allowing the shoe to feel incredibly comfortable without socks.
WalkingPad Folding Treadmill

For reliable on-trail control, the upper connects to the lacing, allowing the upper to wrap around your foot like a sock.

What is more, the toe-box is sufficiently rounded to allow your toes to spread naturally which is an important component for not only keeping the toes functional, it also makes your landing stability safe and more secure.

Sole Specifications:

The Cross Bionic sits on a literal paper-thin, yet surprisingly durable and flat sole which helps you mobilize a more target forefoot strike that is better for injury prevention. This is because landing forefoot-first when running naturally engages safer knee, hip and even upper body mechanics as compared with heel strike running.

What is the Best Nike Barefoot Running Shoe?

Even if you are not a runner, the Cross Bionic is a prime walking shoe because the thin sole delivers multiple sensory inputs proven to  increase muscle tone in the foot and leg and improves or even reverse irregularities in foot structure and function!

Final Thoughts

It’s about time Nike designed a shoe that’s  supports the natural anatomy of the foot while allowing the foot to make the most natural connection with the ground, which reduced the risk of many injuries. This is why a growing number of elite runners are incorporating barefoot running as part of the training, and is why you have so much to gain with these barefoot-certified shoes!

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