How to Prevent Stomach Troubles When Running

If you have a sensitive stomach and get nausea, bloating, excessive burping, chronic indigestion or heartburn during running, or if you struggle with stomach ulcers, try increasing your intake of the following healthy foods and supplements to stop your stomach troubles before they start.

Stomach Troubles

How to Prevent Stomach Troubles When Running

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is high in many types of antibacterial compounds that have been found to combat drug-resistant strains of tummy-trouble bugs. For best results, avoid frying olive oil at high temperatures because the heat destroys its antimicrobial compounds. Instead, drizzle some on a salad.

Green Tea

According to work in the World of Gastroenterology, green tea contains a powerful antimicrobial compound called catechins which help ease stomach problems.

Red Wine

Red wine also works similar to green tea in that it too is high in potent anti-bacterial compounds (resveratrol) which was found to reduce your risk of stomach ulcers by 36%.


According to the journal of Inflammation and Allergy, taking a mixed probiotic supplement improves the health and function of the stomach lining.

Vitamin C 

Increasing your vitamin C intake helps reduce over-growth of bad gut bacteria by 25%. It also boosts your immune system’s ability to destroy the bacteria implicated in causing ulcers.

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