Vibram KMD Sport LS Review for Forefoot Running

I have been running solidly in what I consider, a better, more protective and comfortable version of the Vibram KSO, and that is the Vibram KMD Sport LS. You’ll love these shoes, especially if you do triathalons.

Vibram KMD Sport LS Review for Forefoot Running

The Vibram KDM Sport LS, also known as the KomodoSport LS, is an excellent road running shoe (5 km- 10 km races) and is my preferred Vibram shoe. I loved the KSO, but I prefer the KMD Sport LS because, although it may not be as thin in the outsole as the KSO, the KMD Sport LS is more flexible in the forefoot and the upper is made of softer materials, making the shoe more comfortable to be worn without socks. Also, the KMD Sport LS handles the rain better than the KSO, and it think it’s because the bundgy-cord closure allows for a more secure and tighter fit. Overall, The KMD Sport LS is more comfortable than the KSOs.

Vibram KMD Sport LS Review for Forefoot Running

The KMD Sport LS is great for running, cross-training, walking, hiking, the gym, running on the beach, running in creeks and water sports. Basically, you can wear them for everything!

Vibram KMD Sport LS Review

The outsole of the KMD Sport LS is thicker than the Sockwa X8, Vibram KSO and the Bikila LS, so you don’t feel small pebbles and twigs, but it still gives you enough sensory input at the foot to help you avoid heel strike when running.

Vibram KMD Sport LS Review

The upper is abrasion-resistant and is durable and hard to rip. The upper is also a bit thicker and stretchier than the KSOs, so the KMD Sport LS is a better alternative to running in cooler weather and allowing for a better fit. The toe sockets stretch nicely too, so they fit properly if you have long toes. Another thing I like about the upper is that if it gets muddy, it does not stain, the mud wipes right off. That’s why these shoes always look new, no matter how much you run in them.

I also appreciate that KMD Sport LS outsole is similar to the human bare foot in that it’s smooth. Remember, you don’t want a running shoe that has thick, protruding tread because it is bad for the knees. Even though the outsole is smooth, the rubber still provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces. In my experience, this shoe grips very well for all terrains.

Vibram KMD Sport LS Review for Forefoot Running

Other notable specifications of the Vibram KMD Sport LS:

ibram KMD Sport LS Review

Vibram KMD Sport LS Review

  • 2 mm midsole (minor foamy-feeling padding) + 4 mm rubber outsole
  • weighs around 6.7 oz
  • helps with shin splints,  knee pain, lower back pain and plantar fascia (according to anectodle reports)
  • improves posture
  • great for if you have a job requiring you to stand for long hours
  • improves arch strength
  • sharpen motor coordination and reflexes in the feet and legs
  • stretchy upper that adjusts to wide feet
  • fits great with toe socks
  • excellent alternative to barefoot running
  • easy to wash and pack for travelling
  • great for flat arch treatment — they improve arch height the more you walk in them
  • fits like a glove, keeps your toes securly in place in the toe sockets
  • easy to put on and slip off
  • insulated enough for running in cooler temps
  • cleans well, great colours to choose from, so they are great for casual use as well
  • provides the ‘right’ feel
  • flexible toes allow for toe spreading
  • snug lacing keeps debris out
  • improves ankle strength

Vibram KMD Sport LS Review for Forefoot Running

We know that barefoot running shoes are a proven strategy to build stronger feet and improve running form. This is why the KMD Sport LS is so amazing, because they mimic true barefoot conditions, which will help simulate your foot’s muscles, which in turn triggers a release of a cascade of stimulation that strengthens the ankle, calves, knees, hamstrings and core. You will become nothing but stronger in these shoes.

Vibram KMD Sport LS Review

I also did a video review of the shoe:

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