Vivobarefoot Tracker Decon Low FG2 Review

When it comes to a barefoot trail shoe that can easily handle treacherous rocky terrain with superior durability and extended wear, Vivobarefoot nailed it with the Tracker Decon Low FG2 (Firm Ground 2)!

This rugged barefoot shoe is armed with a puncture- resistant zero-drop sole that delivers plenty of bite for surer footing across sketchy terrain, and is perfect for four-season use, too!

What’s the Vivobarefoot FG2 Good for?

The FG2 is an instant hit for walking, running and hiking on any off-road terrain, thanks to the shoes highly capable sole designed to grip the trail for miles and miles without breaking down (which is why these shoes are well worth the investment)!

The FG2 works even better for rock climbing, crossfit and just plain everyday casual wear!

Sole Specifications

The FG2 sits on a flat, 3-mm sticky rubber sole, fully studded with 4-mm lugs that excels at gripping firmly on wet concrete and rocky surfaces.

The sharpened hexagonal-shaped tread is also textured to provide more clench and gives the entire sole enhanced flexibility to move more agile with your foot, giving you nimble, fast feet over rocky terrain.

What is more, the FG2’s underfoot components contain a temperature adaptive insole. The insole has built-in temperature-regulating technology that absorbs, stores and releases heat. This smart thermal layer responds to the naturally changing temperatures of your feet, keeping them warm or cooling them down!

Upper Specifications

The materials of the FG2’s upper are much higher quality than the average minimalist running shoe. This is because the meshy upper is draped with high quality leather and Woolmark certified Merino wool with enhanced breathability and sweat-wicking properties.


The upper is cinched firmly into the outsole, securely holding your foot in place inside the shoe and offers a smooth, nearly seamless fit with lots of room in the front! Even for wide feet, the shoe fits the shape perfectly!

Final Thoughts

By combining an aggressive sole with a protective, sturdy upper, which are both temperature adaptive, the Vivobarefoot Tracker Decon Low FG2 creates a highly capable, all-season barefoot shoe that offers excellent traction for a super steady ride over tricky trails.

Lastly, despite being armed with more protection, every stride still feels as if you’re barefoot in the FG2’s because the shoe is super low to the ground, wide, fully flexible throughout and the sole is thin enough to allow the sensory connection for the trail to have a corrective action on your stride!

If you’re interested in the FG2’s, you can get your paws on a pair here!

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