Saguaro Fast I Barefoot Shoes Review

Great for running and racing on all types of surfaces, from rocky trails to the beach to the roads, the Saguaro Fast I barefoot shoe is like a hybrid between the Vibram FiveFingers and XeroShoes. Essentially, these shoes have everything: durability, traction, barefoot-comfort, style, versatility, at an unbeatable price point!

This cushy barefoot shoe fits the bill for those who prefer a tad more plushy protection. For a side note, these shoes do NOT have individual toe sockets like the Vibram FiveFingers; it only looks like individual toes.

The best way to strengthen your feet is to get them to work independently as much as you can. This is exactly what the Saguaro barefoot shoes do since the shoes design is literally a carve out of the human foot and is also fully flexible. This makes your feet truly as free as possible which is what you need to rebuild a stronger, functionally conditioned foot long-term.

Whats the Saguaro Barefoot Shoes Good For?

The versatility of the shoe is ideal for many types of terrain! These shoes are excellent for running, walking or hiking on the trails and sand, but can absolutely handle long hauls on pavement in warmer weather.

The Saguaro barefoot shoe is also great for any form of gym training, racquetball, climbing, camping, cycling, the beach, boating, surfing, sailing, long-haul flights, car driving, etc!

Sole Specifications

The Saguaro barefoot shoe sits on a thin, zero-drop rubber sole that provides a unique combination of cushioning, ground-feel and top-notch traction.

A functional asset of the Saguaro barefoot shoe is the completely flat sole, allowing you to use forefoot strike properly thereby cutting off much of the impact that causes injury.

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The sole is the same height from heel to toe (zero drop) which is essential for helping you avoid a damaging heel strike, and instead, encourages a softer, lighter, more proper forefoot strike when you run while creating more stability on uneven grounds!

Despite achieving the barefoot-sensation, the sole’s cushioning does provide just enough protection from sharp objects on your path. In fact, this Saguaro shoe is for minimalist runners who prefer a tad more protection than not.

In addition to being anti-slip, the sole employs full coverage of tightly spaced angular lugs that dig into every type of ground and overall provides excellent grip for highly agile activities, especially on wet pavement.

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The sole also provides excellent peddle grip for cycling. At the same time, the tread provides sufficient protection and comfort on rough terrain as well.

Upper Specifications

The fly-knit fabric upper is what makes the Saguaro barefoot shoe perfect for the summer! This is because the upper is incredibly lightweight and super breathable, especially on top, but despite being so airy, the upper does not let sand in, so you can comfortably enjoy any beach activity.

Designed for hot weather, the Saguaro barefoot shoe features an open mesh upper that keeps your feet cool and prevents sweaty problems like blisters and odours. Even better, the meshy upper is also stretchy to enhance its fit for all foot shapes.

Even though Saguaro prioritizes breathability with this particular model, the shoes upper is actually very stable with good tensile strength, providing all the structural reliability you need to give it your all!

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You’ll also love the extra-wide fit which improves the functional use of the toes because it enables them to spread, flex, bend and extend so you can easily re-balance yourself when zipping over challenging terrain.

To make the shoe even lighter, the upper features a lower cut at the ankle which gives a consistently fast, race-ready feel throughout.

Lastly, the elastic draw-string lacing allows speedy adjustments and makes it easier to put on and take off the shoe.

Final Thoughts

The Saguaro barefoot shoe delivers a well-cushioned ride that feels exceptionally light, nimble and fast, even over long distances. Not to mention, the outstanding breathability makes you feel as if you can run forever in the hottest weather.

Better yet, functionality was no oversight with this shoe thanks to its wide width and zero-drop construction, which gives absolutely no inhibition of the movement of our feet, while making your forefoot strike effective and more energetic!

If you’re interested in the Saguaro barefoot shoe, you can get your paws on a pair here!

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