Vibram Vi-B Review

Ready to log long walking, hiking, running or swimming miles during spring through fall? The Vibram Vi-B will not disappoint!

The Vi-B is one of Vibram’s thinner, lighter, more flexible barefoot shoe that is unbelievably comfortable for road-to-trail routes while keeping your feet easy-breezy in sweltering hot weather. These shoes also dry very fast and don’t cause blisters!

Whats the Vibram Vi-B Good for?

The Vibram Vi-B is a ton of fun to wear for weightlifting, running, hiking, swimming, yoga, Zumba, rowing on a machine, climbing, swimming, HIIT and everyday errands.

As for running surface types, the Vi-B handles great on the treadmill, roads, the beach as well as on small to large gravel paths.

Sole Specifications:

The Vibram Vi-B sits on a 3-mm thin sole that offers extra protection against smaller stones, but does not interfere with the ground-feel needed to keep you very sturdy on your feet.

The sole is also zero-drop, meaning the heel and forefoot are at an equal distance from the ground. This is really going to help you avoid a hard-hitting heel strike, and instead, encourages a softer, safer forefoot strike when you run!

The sole employs full coverage of tightly spaced zig-zag grooves and contours that offers adaptable grip, providing wet-dry traction on any course while increasing flexibility throughout the entire shoe. Specifically, the sole grips excellently on wet sand, pavement and grass, and provides surprising protection against small gravelly paths while taking out some of the ouch when trekking over larger stones.

Upper Specifications

The completely perforated mesh upper is made from polyester, and is all about creating extra air flow for a cooler, lighter, more energized feel.

The fully meshy upper provides plenty of comfort and ventilation without being unstable, which is supremely helpful for maintaining confident strides over longer hauls.

Also, no laces means no pressure points, and these shoes do not have laces or straps, making them easy to slip on, but fits secure enough to not slip off in the water. This shoe is actually very reliable in the water!

What is more, the width and flexibility are the best features of the upper. The segmented toes ensures a roomier fit that keeps yours toes working independently and functionally while the mesh’s extra flexibility perfectly accommodates wider feet.

Final Thoughts

The Vibram Vi-B is no doubt a multi-functional minimalist shoe that wraps your foot securely with an anatomically-compatible fit, and will not get in the way of your foot’s natural gait.

The Vi-B also gives mega-doses of both ground-feel and airflow, which helps reproduce the barefoot-feel more effectively for more stable handlings across multiple terrains, while the shoes light n’ airiness gives an ultra fast-feel, like a racing flat for the trails!

If you’re interested in a pair of the Vi-B’s, you can get your paws on a pair here!

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