Skora Form Review for Forefoot Running

If you do a lot of long distance road running, on the trails, or on the treadmill, or if you are looking for a durable, thicker-soled minimalist running shoe that is incredibly well-constructed and one that keeps your feet warm during cooler weather, the Skora Form has an upper made entirely of goat skin and an inner-lining made of sheepskin, helping your feet retain optimal warmth in the coolest of weather.

Skora Form Review for Forefoot Running
The Skora Form can take a lot of beating, making them great for endurance runs and obstacle course races, and after all that, they still smell like brand new leather!

Because of it’s low heel construction, the Skora Form is optimized for forefoot running and it’s durability is the perfect match for ultra runs on the pavement. The overall flexibility of the shoe bends resistance-free with your feet, giving a more barefoot-feel as compared with most conventional running shoes. I also love that the fit of the shoe, especially in the midfoot and forefoot, matches the contour of your foot’s anatomy.

In comparison to most barefoot-like running shoes, the Form does have more cushioning, however the cushioning is not squishy, so you are still able to get a good sense of your landing and does not compromise your forefoot strike. The shoes feel similar to the Brooks Pure Connect 1 and the Merrell Bare Access 4, but the toe box of the Skora Form is much wider and the overall integrity of the shoe is more flexible.

Skora Form Review for Forefoot Running
Like all Skora running shoes, The Skora Form features an asymmetrical lacing system for a secure fit.

Other notable features of the Skora Form:

  • M-width toe box, very roomy foot bed
  • Because there is less seam in the inner lining, you can wear them without socks without getting blisters, or any skin irritations
  • More outsole protection on the toes, great for trail running without damaging the shoe
  • After 150 miles of running everyday, the shoe shows VERY minimal signs of wearing
  • The rounded heel helps for a more stable landing at the ankle
  • Water and sweat-resistant, keeping your feet dry and warm during the winter
  • Comes with a removable insole if you want more protection or if you want to get closer to the ground
  • Grippy, high density rubber outsole
  • Leather upper dries very quick when soaked
  • Rock-proof durable leather outsole
  • Pliable upper, takes on the shape of your foot
  • Extremely durable; other wear-testers have 1500 miles on a single pair!
  • Lateral lacing position reduces top of foot strain and keeps tongue in place
Skora Form Review for Forefoot Running
The Skora Form is very soft inside, lightweight, breathes well and comes with a removable insole.

As for sizing, they do fit like a glove, so you should select a half or full size down from your normal size.

Unfortunately, the Skora Form is no longer available, however the next best alternative to the shoe is the Lems Primal 2!

If this review has helped you, you’ll find my other reviews on minimalist shoes for forefoot running really helpful, too!

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  1. Forefoot running saved me from knee surgery! I’m back in form and trying to share the benefits of natural foot strike with my injured running friends. Sites like this help to convince them that this is for real, so thanks

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