Where to Buy Vibram Online

When I’m not running barefoot, I’m running in the Vibram FiveFingers because they’re the next best alternative to running barefoot. How so? For one, the Vibrams sliver-thin sole provides similar sensory-richness in ground-feedback at the feet as running barefoot which helps me make sure I’m landing correctly on my forefoot.

Secondly, I love the Vibrams signature foot-shaped design and freeness of strength-robbing stability features commonly found in most traditional running shoes. The coupling of an anatomically-shaped frame and the fuller capacity to engage, expand and flex that your feet get in the Vibrams is the best opportunity for the feet to work independently and self-strengthen which also can do the most good for improving balance and foot step stability.

Where to Buy Vibram Online

Sadly, despite their enormous growth in popularity, the Vibram FiveFingers can be tough to find in your typical brick n’ mortar store. Also, the FiveFingers can be more pricey in-store as compared with online stores –at least with my experience anyway. But there’s actually many online stores that offer a wide-ranging variety of the Vibram FiveFingers minimalist shoes. Below, I listed the following online stores that I’ve had the best luck, price-wise, customer service-wise, delivery-wise and for overall finding that perfect Vibram shoe that meets all my minimalistic expectations as a forefoot runner.

Where to Buy Vibram Online


Road Runner Sports

Holabird Sports

Left Lane Sports


Paragon Sports

Eastern Mountain Sports


Where to Buy Vibrams Online

I always like to end with a friendly-reminder by underscoring that the best, most sustainable approach to help you reduce the odds of getting injured from running in the Vibram FiveFingers is that you need to land with a forefoot strike, not a heel strike when you run. Here is what a proper forefoot strike looks like and why it dramatically improves your injury prevention efforts.

To see how heel striking compares with forefoot striking in running, you’ll want to see an engineers perspective on why forefoot running makes for a better style of running. And also, be sure to check out my reviews on other barefoot running shoes!

If you want to learn more about the Vibram FiveFingers and how they are functionally optimized to help build a stronger, more resilient foot as well as enabling you to become more skillful with forefoot running, you’ll love my YouTube channel where I provide in-depth reviews on FiveFingers I feel are best!

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Forefoot Running – Most world records to date in running were broken by forefoot runners, not heel strike runners.

Barefoot – A little less protection might be the best protection for making gains in foot functional strength. 

Cushioned Running Shoes – Certain kinds of running shoes may prompt mechanical outputs that aren’t good for injury prevention.

Proprioception – The real potential to run with good form is in your ground feel (proprioception).

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Bretta Riches

"I believe the forefoot strike is the engine of endurance running..."

BSc Neurobiology; MSc Biomechanics candidate, ultra minimalist runner & founder of RunForefoot. I was a heel striker, always injured. I was inspired by the great Tirunesh Dibaba to try forefoot running. Now, I'm injury free. This is why I launched Run Forefoot, to advocate the health & performance benefits of forefoot running and to raise awareness on the dangers of heel striking, because the world needs to know.
Bretta Riches

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