Forefoot Running Gives You Strong Toes

Because they are so little in size, our toes are often neglected to be strengthened for running, which is unfortunate because strong toes contribute to the beautiful complexity of our foot’s function as we run, and walk.

Forefoot Running Gives You Strong Toes

Forefoot Running Gives You Strong Toes

If you have weak toes, then your balance may become impaired when running. When your balance is not sturdy during running, then you are more likely to get an Achilles tendon injury and knee injury.

There are many ways a runner can develop stronger toes, but one sure way is with forefoot running. A fantastic study by Miller et al. 2015 found that a forefoot strike landing when running naturally increases muscle activation in the long and short toes when the center of mass is concentrated over the forefoot during the early stages of stance (when the heel is still lifted off the ground). The purpose of the increased toe muscle activation helps reduce damaging dorsiflexion moments around the MTP Joint (the big toe joint) (Goldman et al. 2013).

The thing is, a forefoot strike runner naturally has greater MTP joint dorsiflexion moments which calls for greater muscle stabilization from the toes as compared with heel strike runners (Perl et al.2012), suggesting that a new forefoot runner can expect complex growths in toe strength.

Stronger toes is just one of the many reasons why you should wear minimalist footwear all the time, especially when you run because they encourage a forefoot strike landing as compared with traditional running shoes.

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"I believe the forefoot strike is the engine of endurance running..."

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Bretta Riches

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