What Running Style is Best for Your Knees?

What Running Style is Best for Your Knees?

14/03/2024 Bretta Riches 3

The best way to maintain healthy knees when running is to avoid heel strike running because it always accompanies a hyper-extended knee, an overly long stride and unusually long braking with the ground, which CANNOT be improved with a cushioned, motion control stability running shoe. The only proven method to protect your knees long-term is to land with a forefoot strike because it prevents hyper-knee extension at landing, an over-stride and a low cadence, all of which were consistently found to literally cure running-related knee pain and injury.

Is it Bad to Run Barefoot on Concrete?

Is Forefoot Running Better for Energy Economy than Heel Striking?

15/02/2024 Bretta Riches 0

One of the many reasons metabolic costs in running is lower when a forefoot strike is employed is due to the improvements in upper body posture and knee-joint angles at landing. These key improvements were found to prevent a force-intensive over-stride and excessive bouncing which reduced muscle force generation, while making the ankle better at translating more kinetic energy as compared with heel strike running, which was consistently found to produce shockwaves that can damage the shin, knee, lower back and energy economy!

Why is Running On Your Forefoot Better for Long Distances?

Why is Running On Your Forefoot Better for Long Distances?

28/01/2024 Bretta Riches 0

One of the many reasons forefoot running sustains most safely on the body and more efficiently than heel strike running across all distances is by engaging a significantly higher degree of smoothness in foot-placement at landing, which not only was found to reduce surface forces, over-striding, over-pronation and brake loads, it also made the arch better at loading more energy-saving elastic power, which enabled the foot to spring up with minimal muscular effort at each step.

How Do You Treat Heel Strike Pain?

How Do You Treat Heel Strike Pain?

27/01/2024 Bretta Riches 0

Heel strike running is the most damaging style of running to the heel because the mechanical risk factors engaged at heel strike were found to wear away the heel pad. What’s worse, cushioned running shoes was unhelpful because heel-impact was actually amplified. In recent years, several compelling studies have emerged to explain that the best path for protecting, not just the heel, but the body from impact-related damage, forefoot running’s claim to fame is there’s so little impact acting on the entire body that it does no harm.

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Is Heel Strike Running Less Efficient? YES!

18/01/2024 Bretta Riches 0

When compared to forefoot running, heel strike running was found to be less economical on account of excessive vertical oscillation coupled with lunge-like strides, causes the musculature of feet and legs to work harder than normal to push the upper body higher up off the ground, thereby performing more work against gravity.

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