Healthy Cookie Snacks for Runners

Like the rest of us, I had a horrible sugar addiction. This caused my running performance to suffer significantly because my blood sugar levels were always spiking, which caused me to get tired and shaky during my longer runs. I was good to go for running shorter distances, but you cannot fuel yourself with refined sugar as you will soon fall back and run poorly during the long haul. I knew that if I wanted to go beyond winning in my age group, I could not run on junkie fuel, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to bake! I know, sounds lame, but I found so many easy healthy snack recipes to get my performance out of trouble.

Cookies have a bad reputation, especially among endurance runners, but there is no reason not to love cookies if they are healthy.

If you are like me, you probably crave cookies more than you should, but depending on the ingredients, cookies are a great snack to have before a run, after a run, and even during a run. Here are some recipes for healthy cookie snacks that helped me meet my energy and recovery needs.

Healthy Cookie Snacks for Runners


Healthy Cookie Recipes for Runners

Avocado chocolate cookies via Sprouted Fit (The Smoothie Lover)

Spinach oatmeal cookies via Gim Grains

Apple pie oatmeal cookies via Amy’s Healthy Baking

Almond coconut cookies via Sweet as Honey

Gluten-free peanut butter cookies via Veggie Balance

No bake honey, peanut butter cookies via Frugal Farm Wife

Strawberry oatmeal cookies via Amy’s Healthy Baking

Pumpkin breakfast cookies via Leelalicious

Carrot cake oatmeal cookies via Amy’s Healthy Baking

Zucchini bread quinoa breakfast cookies via Simply Quinoa

Banana and oatmeal cookies (no butter, no sugar) via Scattered thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Raspberry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies via Amy’s Healthy Baking

Blueberry yogurt cookies via Spoon Fork Bacon

Peach pie oatmeal cookies via Amy’s Healthy Baking

Vegan no-bake chocolate quinoa cookies via Simply Quinoa

Flourless, healthy double chocolate cookies via Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookies via Curls n’ Chard

Healthy trail mix cookies via The Melrose Family

Apple cinnamon cookies energy bites via Kristine’s Kitchen

Dark chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies via Amy’s Healthy Baking

…stay tuned, there’s more to come!


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