Barefoot Running Shoe for Training on a Treadmill

A barefoot running shoe that is great for training on a treadmill is the Vibram FiveFingers KMD Sport LS, which is excellent for road running, too. This shoe is one of the more durable barefoot running shoes by Vibram, and according to most weartesters, the KMD Sport LS lasts for at least 3 years.

5 Fingers KMD Sport LS Reivew

Why the 5 Fingers KMD Sport LS

Aside from road running, the KMD Sport LS is also great for sand, grass or muddy terrains as well as hiking, the gym, water sports, walking and casual wear. And, their pure minimalist construction will help you develop better strength and flexibility in the feet and ankles in no time!

Vibram Five Fingers Review

What makes the KMD Sport LS perfect for forefoot running?

Like most running shoes by Vibram, the KMD Sport LS has a 2 mm thin midsole that is specifically designed to promote the barefoot running experience by increasing the availability of sensory inputs at the feet.

The KMD Sport LS helps prevent heel strike during running because they are flat (zero drop) and contain no under-heel cushioning, which intensifies sensory feedback, helping you develop a more natural step (forefoot strike).

Vibram KMD Sport Review

As for health benefits, the KMD Sport LS is known to reduce knee and back pain, as well as shin splints and compartment syndrome

How do they compare to other Vibrams?

The KMD Sport LS are more firm than the KMD, probably because they are more durable. The speed lacing system of the KMD Sport LS makes them easier to put on than most Vibram shoes as well. The KMD Sport LS are more durable than the Bikila’s, too. However, as for trail running, the KomodoSport or the Spyridon are better choices than the KMD Sport LS.

Other notable features of the KMD Sport LS:

  • stitch-free 2mm footbed
  • dries fast
  • extremely comfortable
  • 4 mm rubber outsole gives you lots of protection from road hazards
  • grippy tread
  • abrasion-resistant, stretchy upper that breathes very well
  • very flexible, yet sturdy in structure making them great for high agile activities like tennis
  • hook-and-loop closure lacing system makes them incredibly easy to put on and take off
  • fits like a glove; molds to the shape of your foot
  • machine washable and air dry
  • wide instep
  • fits snug, so you don’t need to wear toe socks

Barefoot Running Shoes for Training on a Treadmill
Overall, if you enjoy running through creeks or along ocean surfs, you’ll love the KMD Sport LS. The best part of the KMD Sport LS however, is they impose mechanical motions that are natural, allowing for more step-related input that will strengthen every aspect of your form.

Here are other barefoot running shoes I think are great for forefoot running and will help you build foot strength fast!

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