A Runners Diet Should Include Ginger?

For the endurance runners who prefer to take the natural route in terms of supplements and performance enhancers, ginger may be a great alternative to NSAIDs in reducing inflammation, muscle pain, and thus leading to a lessening of recovery time.

The popular spice has been historically used to treat pain, so it wouldn’t hurt to include ginger somewhere in a runners diet.

Runners Diet

A Runners Diet Should Include Ginger

Although more studies are needed, past reports have clearly demonstrated the possibility of ginger acting as a bronchodilator and it has been known to improve gastrointestinal function, too.

A new study also found that 2 g of Ginger per day for 5 days may have modest effects of reducing muscle soreness in long distance runners, suggesting that increasing your ginger intake may accelerate recovery, helping you train longer and harder.

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Wilson, PB. Ginger as an analgesic and ergogenic aid in sport: a systematic review. J Strength Cond Res, 2015; 19(10):2980-95.

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