Vibram Five Fingers V-Aqua Review

Vibram Five Fingers has done an absolutely fine job at designing a super durable, amazingly comfortable and exceptionally lightweight water shoe, the V-Aqua, that will not fall apart like most water shoes!

The V-Aqua is also one of Vibrams wider barefoot shoes that’s supportive of more toe splay and forefoot expansion, so you can enjoy a completely unrestricted fit while helping you maintain a stronger, healthier foot!

What is the Vibram V-Aqua Good For?

The Vibram V-Aqua lives up to its name as it’s perfect for swimming and any water sport you’re into!

Another big reason the V-Aqua is a fan-favourite for water lovers is the shoe gives a barely-there feel when swimming. The shoe actually feels even lighter in the water!

Most importantly, the V-Aqua fully protects your feet from sharp debris that you can’t see under water, and bottom line, allows you to feel safe and gives you more confident to move agilely in water.

Despite being a water-specific shoe, the V-Aqua is excellent for hiking, too!

Sole Specifications:

The V-Aqua sits on a 3.7 mm MegaGrip rubber sole plus a 2 mm EVA insole that gives you a megadose of ground-feel and flexibility as well as stable grip on wet, slimy rocky surfaces. The sole really does a great job at protecting your foot from the ouchness of sharp rocks from passing through!

The V-Aqua sole features perforations to shed water and sand from the shoe thereby shedding weight from the shoe!

As shown above, the sole employs full coverage of multi-directional triangular tread as well as indented grooves which are going to provide further traction, protection and flexibility and ultimately lays a stronger foundation between you and the underwater grounds.

Despite all the added traction, the sole delivers a smooth, incredibly comfortable feel that will allow you to handle more miles while protecting your underfoot from the simmering hot pavement, too!

Another essential feature of the sole is the rubber extends up to cover the toes, acting as a protective bumper to protect from protruding rocks

Upper Specifications:

Like the sole, the upper does a great job at protecting your feet from jagged rocks, sharp metal and broken glass in the water. This is because the upper is armed with strategically placed puncture-resistant protection points, offering further protection from whatever lurks in the water while making the upper more sturdy.

The V-Aqua is more generous width-wise, making the feet as free as possible!

The V-Aqua’s upper is made exclusively of soft and light polyester mesh fabrications that wraps adaptively to your foot. And for a more comfortable water experience, the uppers supple inner-lining won’t cause blisters when sockless in the shoes!

Another reason for its exceptionally comfortable fit, Vibram prioritized drainage in the V-Aqua in that the upper is fully perforated and does an amazing job at not only shedding water but sand, too, which prevents the shoe from getting heavy and sloppy!

For added comfort, the Velcro closure cinches the foot down firmly into the sole, securely holding the foot in place inside when wet, and allows for a quick customizable fit.

Final Thoughts:

The Vibram V-Aqua is definitely a go-to water shoe because it makes you feel buoyant and definitely won’t make you feel slow in the water. But what is more, the combination of comfort and traction makes the shoe ideal for walking, hiking or running on beaten paths, too!

Finally, like all Vibram FiveFinger shoes, the V-Aqua is a better option to going barefoot, since the shoe’s structure is entirely dedicated to simulating the feel of being barefoot and best suits the purpose for not only strengthening your feet in ways that maintains, but helps hardwire the functional movement patterns that ensures more injury-free miles to come!

If you are interested in the Vibram V-Aqua, you can get your paws on a pair here!

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