Vivobarefoot Motus Review

The Vivobarefoot Motus really does live up to its name in that the construction of the shoe allows runners to run in a barefoot-style, which includes a forefoot strike, better knee mechanics and improved foot positioning at touchdown, all of which allows you to operate at the level of better economic efficiency and makes you better at avoiding injury! 

Vivobarefoot Motus ReviewVivobarefoot Motus Review

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The Vivobarefoot Motus is great for all physical activities that range from running long and short distances to weight-lifting to golfing! Furthermore, in comparison to other barefoot shoes, the Motus has stronger construction than the Vibram FiveFingers, are grippier than the Merrell Trail Gloves and is overall a good balance of firmness and softness that offers a reliable ride suitable for a long haul at any intensity!

Vivobarefoot Motus Review


You’ll love the foot-hugging, lightweight, seamless fit of the upper which conforms to a wide foot shape. It’s also very flexible, allowing the foot to work independently which leads to functional improvements in foot health. 

Vivobarefoot Motus Review

The wide toe-box also proved to be very comfortable and functional because it allows for significant toe-splay which engages balance more efficiently and allows impact to spread out evenly over the foot. 

Vivobarefoot Motus Review

As for lacing, the Motus has traditional lacing, but also includes a Velcro strap which fits over the laces to ensure the laces never come undone and holds the foot down securely, which is great for agility! 

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The Motus is a good barefoot alternative because it has no heel-lift and sits on an ultra-thin and flexible 4.5-mm V-Move outsole that replicates the feel of being barefoot, all of which encourages a forefoot strike landing, faster reaction times and a safer foot-ground interaction when running.

Vivobarefoot Motus Review
The outsole of the Motus also makes it great for running on grass and agility activities, like tennis, volleyball, basketball and rock climbing.  It also grips well to uneven surfaces, too!

The outsole is also puncture-resistant and is equipped with a hexagonal tread pattern that delivers excellent grip for high agility movements on rubber and astroturf-type training surfaces and if your workout involves any cardio machine components, the outsole works perfectly in spin bike pedal straps.

Vivobarefoot Motus Review

The outsole is a tad thicker than most Vivobarefoot running shoes and the Vibram FiveFingers, but despite the extra protection, the Motus delivers an excellent feel of the earth which continuously forces the body to balance in natural positions.

Vivobarefoot Motus Review


Another handy asset of the outsole is it wraps up along the sidewalls and the toes for more rock and other trail debris protection, making the Motus a beast of a trail running shoe. Although, despite the extra underfoot protection, the Motus still delivers a good earth-feel to be a corrective tool.

Last but not least, the Motus comes with a removable insole for a more low-riding, more barefoot experience!

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