Xero Shoes HFS Review

The Xero Shoes HFS barefoot running shoe provides a smoother, faster run for the roads while offering more protection and durability without compromising ground-feel for a confident landing.

Like all Xero Shoes, the Xero Shoes HFS (Highly Flexible Soles) minimalist running shoe does an excellent job at mimicking the effects of being barefoot. This includes a zero-drop construction and increased sensory stimulation to the sole which are significant factors in allowing you to avoid a damaging heel strike and land with an impact-protective forefoot strike when you run!

The Xero HFS barefoot shoe is an

The Xero Shoes HFS is lighter than the Xero Shoes Prio and more rugged than the Speed Force. Basically, the HFS is an enhanced hybrid of the Prio and the Speed Force that is just as barefoot-feeling as Vivobarefoot, NB Minimus and the Vibram FiveFingers.

The HFS is an excellent road running shoe for any distance, but is also exceptional for running on the treadmill and the trails, walking, powerlifting, box jumps, squats, sleds, yokes (pretty much any form of cross-training!) and for everyday casual wear.

To really mimic the barefoot experience and improve foot health, the HFS has a wide shape that compliments the natural silhouette of the foot, allowing the toes to fully spread, flex and engage effectively in balance stability and impact absorption. This is the way the foot can best interact when walking, running and hiking!

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The HFS is also fully flexible, allowing the foot’s muscles, soft tissues, tendons and bones to work independently which is the only way to boost functional strength in the foot and ankle, aside from actually going barefoot.


Aesthetically, Xero Shoes keeps the design of the HFS simple and maintains the popular feature of the mid-foot straps along the sidewalls which wraps the shoe securely and comfortably around the mid-foot. This keeps your foot centred in place and offers excellent precision agility!

The upper is a good mix of soft, flexible, lightweight, yet protective materials that allows the front of your foot to spread and expand. The meshy holes throughout the top and along the sides provide excellent ventilation, so you’ll never over-heat in the shoe!

The upper also has a rubber coating at the toes and along the sidewalls for extra rock protection and stronger durability. The upper also features reflective bits for added safety in lower-light conditions.

Last but not least, the HFS can be worn without socks because the interior lining is super soft and doesn’t lose comfort no matter how far you go. There’s also extra padding in the tongue for added comfort as well! Not to mention, the sausage laces are soft and flexible and they especially maintain ample flex for any pace after being muddy.


The HFS sits on a zero-drop, 5mm rubber outsole thats backed with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty and a 5,000 mile sole warranty! The HFS also comes with a 3.5mm removable insole if you want to get even closer to the ground.

The rubber outsole has deep v-shape grooves that facilitate excellent flexibility and performs best on any dry surface, including the track, rubber gym floors, the woods and over rocks.

All in all, the thin outsole offers a plush, fast, responsive ride with some cushioning and protection from debris, while offering the benefits of the barefoot running experience by delivering excellent ground-feel and keeps the foot in close contact with the ground!

The HFS really does get all the minimalist basics right and wraps the foot in a soothing embrace that makes longer travels feel much shorter.

If you’re interested in the Xero Shoes HFS, you can get them here!

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