5 Must Have Energy Gels for Running

Wondering what it takes to break through ‘the wall’ during a marathon or a long grueling training run? These energy gels for running will help cut through your mental and physical fatigue by providing you with more than enough fuel so can you finish strong. These are the most top-rated running gels for endurance runners that are easy on the stomach, and explosive in energy.

Must Have Energy Gels for Running

Must Have Energy Gels for Running

1. GU Original Energy Gel – Available in many flavors, such as plain, banana, vanilla and chocolate, GU Energy Gels contain loads of caffeine and are made for endurance runners (marathoners) and are top-rated on the market. These will not only help you recover quickly from the wall, but one shot will re-freshen your legs in no time. They are easy to squeeze out without making a mess of yourself and provide enough energy for you to run farther –even after you’ve completed your marathon.

Gu Gel Review

2. Cliff Shot (Strawberry) – These taste really, really good and pump your body full of carbs, electrolytes and energy for optimal muscle function and recovery. Also, these gels are not the typical slimy/runny texture that most runners complain about –the viscosity is smooth and wont make you gag. These gels are also very tummy-friendly even on the hottest days of running. The packet design is slimmer than most gels, making it easier for the gel to squeeze out as well.

Cliff Shot Energy Gels

3. PowerBar PowerGel (Strawberry Banana) – Try these tasty gels as they are easy to swallow and will turn you into a perpetual motion machine. The packaging is simple to open and these gels are certainly invaluable to combating the wall, especially during blistering hot weather. Overall, they are the perfect balance of tasting great and re-energizing your legs.

PowerBar PowerGels

4. Huma Chia Energy Gel – These gels contain more natural ingredients, such as blended chia seeds, and were inspired by the diet of the Tarahumara Indians (they too have a high diet in chia seeds). Additionally, most energy gels contain synthetic ingredients, such as maltodextrin, which can trigger stomach problems in long distance runners. The Human Chia Energy Gel does not contain maltodextrin and is popularly used in Ironman competitions. If your stomach is very sensitive to energy gels, give these a try —they will be a fabulous gift for your endurance capacity and especially for your stomach.

Chia Energy Gels Runners

5. Honey Stinger Gold Energy Gel – The main ingredient in these gels is honey, which is pure natural energy and high in antioxidants, helping combat free-radicals that damage muscles. These gels are the perfect way to replenish yourself with calories needed to power yourself to the finish-line in strong form. These gels are of course, very honey tasting, and goes down smooth, plus they have less unnatural ingredients compared to other energy gels out there.

Honey Stinger Energy Gel
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