Merrell Forefoot Running Shoes

Merrell forefoot running shoes are ideal for forefoot running because they are very similar to the Vibram Five Fingers -zero drop, no cushioning, no arch support, super light. Therefore, Merrell forefoot running shoes resemble barefoot conditions.

Trail Glove 2:

Merrell Trail Glove 2 Forefoot Running Shoes

The Merrell Trail Glove 2 is super lightweight, fits like a glove for your foot and feels even better without socks. The interior of the Glove 2 is more comfortable than the Glove 1. Great shoe if you want to run pain-free! And they are practically indestructible for the trails. That is, if you are tough on your shoes, the Trail Glove 2 is for you.

Where to buy the Trail Glove 2: Footwear Etc, Island Surf, Road Runner Sports, Amazon

Pace Glove 2:

Merrell Pace Glove Forefoot Running Shoe
The Pace Glove 2 will save you from the standard running shoe because they are very minimalistic allowing your feet to ‘self-strengthen’. Very durable architecture and are great for running half and full marathons. The interior is very comfortable and are great if you prefer to go sock-less without worrying about blisters and rashes. The added elastic in the tongue makes the shoe easier to slip on too.

Where to buy the Pace Glove 2: Footwear Etc, Merrell UK, Road Runner Sports, Amazon

Barefoot Vapor Glove:

Merrell Barefoot Vapor Glove Forefoot Running Shoes

The Barefoot Vapor Glove is probably the lightest forefoot running shoe by Merrell. The Barefoot Vapor Glove is so flexible you can roll them up into a ball. Therefore, the flexibility is similar to the Vibram Five Fingers.

The upper mesh is ‘vapor-like’ and exceptionally breathable, keeping your feet fresh and cool. The Barefoot Vapor Glove are so minimal they make other pure minimalist shoes feel clunky!

Where to buy the Barefoot Vapor Glove: Merrell UK, Road Runner SportsAmazon

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Bretta Riches

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