Top 5 Vibram Five Fingers for Forefoot Running

Below are the top 5 Vibram Five Fingers recommended for forefoot running.

#5. KMD Sport
The KMD Sport is best known for its performance rubber 4mm outsole that provides firm grip and protection without hindering proprioception.

Vibram five fingers KMD Sport for forefoot running


There was reports that the KMD Sport alleviated shin splints, knee pain, and low back pain which is inline with reports from the literature which have found that barefoot-inspired footwear reduced impact transients and ground contact time.

Forefoot runners who are long distance runners can benefit from the reduction of impact associated with the influence of the KMD Sport on enhancing forefoot strike mechanics.

Where to buy KMD Sport: Zappos, Paragon Sports, Left Lane Sports, Amazon

Vibram characterizes the KSO EVO as the shoe with the ‘best feedback’ platform. Many reports have closely approximated the KSO EVO to barefoot running.

Vibram Five Fingers KSO EVO for forefoot running
The special lacing system allows for a more custom fit and allows easy foot entry and a snug fit without having to tie any laces.

The toe-box is also wide, so it’s great for minimalist runners with wider feet. To see fast result in terms of foot strength, walk in these shoes as much as possible.

Where to buy the KSO EVO: Sun & Ski, Moose Jaw, Zappos, Backyard Country, Amazon

#3. See Ya
If you want cool feet, the See Ya is designed with a more breathable upper-mesh, which radically reduces the weight of the shoe -as if the shoe couldn’t get any lighter to begin with.

Vibram Five Fingers See Ya for forefoot running
The See Ya have a meaningful role in forefoot running because the minimum rubber thickness in the outsole enhances sensory feedback. Moreover, the See Ya are ideal for long runs because the polyurethane insole protects the skin and foot tissue.

The See Ya also comes handy with a 3M reflective for night running.

Arguably, the See Ya may be the Vibram shoe that provides the greatest proprioceptive feedback. The See Ya are very lightweight and are actually lighter than most socks.

The best part about the See Ya is they dry up super fast after getting soaked in the rain. Another bonus of the See Ya is the ultra snug fit that allows you to run in sand without getting any in the shoe.

Where to buy the SeeYa’s: Paragon Sports, Moosejaw, Holabird Sports, Footwear Etc, Amazon

#2. EL-X
The EL-X are perfect for newbie forefoot runners and are a great introduction to the Vibram’s collection. The toe sockets are very flexible, making as if you were barefoot.

Vibram Five Fingers EL-X for forefoot running

These shoes have that glove-like feel to them and the strapless design of the EL-X really emulates the barefoot experience.

The EL-X is another shoe by Vibram that closely approximates feeling barefoot. The thin outsole allows you to run your best and provides assurance that you will not hurt your foot by stepping on a sharp pebble.

Where to buy the EL-X: Sun & Ski, Moosejaw, Footwear Etc, Zappos , Amazon

#1. Bikila LS
One word sums up the Bikila LS and that is durability. The Bikila LS is the Bikila on steroids and offers a closed lacing system to accommodate wide feet and are very durable with the abrasion resistant PU toe protection.

Vibram five fingers Bikila LS for forefoot running

Like the KMD Sport, the Bikila LS were reported to have alleviated shin splints, knee pain, and back pain.

The Bikila LS was also recommended by doctors to improve running and walking related ailments. The reason?

The Bikila LS provides a wealth of biomechanical benefits for both walkers and runners.

Aside from barefoot running, the Bikila LS is undisputed for retraining your foot strike mechanics during running compared to the traditional running shoe.

Where to buy Bikila LS: Paragon Sports,  Moosejaw, Footwear Etc, Amazon

The Take Home Message

These shoes have a few things in common: they are light, flexible, and of course, have individual toe sockets.

The individual toe sockets are imperative to forefoot running because they allow the toes to spread and strengthen, improve balance, agility, and range of motion -everything that the conventional running shoe doesn’t do!


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