Saguaro Vitality III Review

If you love Vibram and Xero Barefoot Shoes, you’ll love the Saguaro Vitality III. The only difference is the Vitality III is WAY cheaper without compromising quality. In fact, the Vitality III is loaded up with durability and quality which makes the shoe perfect for running fast over long distances on any terrain, while the sole provides dynamic grip on a variety of surfaces!

What is more, the quality of the Saguaro Vitality III is comparable to Vivobarefoot, which means high quality, built to last, without adding bulk or stiffness. Furthermore, the Saguaro Vitality III has more padding than the average minimalist shoe, so if you want extra protection for the trails, the Vitality III will be your cushy companion!

What’s the Saguaro Vitality III Good for?

Aside from being a superb transition shoe to barefoot running, the Saguaro Vitality III is outstanding for running, walking, hiking and cycling in drier conditions, but is also a super fun water shoe! Not to mention, the added underfoot cushioning makes the Vitality III excellent for extreme trails and performs just as lively on the roads, treadmill and track.

Even better, the Vitality III provides enough traction on wet, muddy routes; no struggle with grip there! The Vitality III also works well for gym workouts, boxing and water sports, and thanks to the breathability, the shoe is a great go-to for extremely hot conditions.

What’s more, the Vitality III performs just as admirably indoors as they’re a terrific choice for deadlifting, all squats movements and calf raises. Basically, the Vitality III is great for any form of cross-training at the gym.

Most relevant, the Saguaro Vitality III is unbelievably comfortable for everyday wear because the shoes unrestricted fit makes your feet freer which makes your feet stronger.

Upper Specifications

The meshy upper is thin, light and nimble without being unstable, and conforms to any foot shape, giving a slipper-like fit.

The upper is also very airy, so your feet will love these shoes in the summer because they do a great job at keeping your feet cool! The mesh also allows the upper to dry quickly. At the same time, the upper is insulated enough for cooler weather, especially when paired with thicker socks. In fact, the Vitality III is warmer than most Vibram shoes!

What is more, the upper offers enough protection to make you feel confident to tackle technical trails. Even better, the upper is super soft, packing plenty of comfort to take on longer distances, whether you’re on the road, trail or treadmill, the comfort holds up impressively well!

Another great feature of the upper is the bungie style laces holds your feet snugly centered in the shoe, and helps you put on and remove the shoe with greater ease. The Velcro cord lock also works great at preventing the laces from coming lose and bouncing around.

Sole Specifications

The Saguaro Vitality III sits on a 5-mm rubber sole that supplies a surprising amount of underfoot cushioning. This is why the Vitality III is a better choice for those who want a more protective, cushioned minimalist shoe because the Vitality III has some underfoot softness where the ouchness of sticks and stones doesn’t penetrate through the sole.

The tread also improves grip on a variety of surfaces, such as uneven, rough and rocky terrain and gym floors, while supplying excellent ground feedback, leading to quicker adaptations to help you use your forefoot strike more efficiently.

Another functional asset of the sole is its zero drop (completely flat) which is key in improving your coordination of your forefoot strike, and you’re less likely to falter with your balance in a zero-drop shoe.

Final Thoughts

One thing for sure is you’ll never grow bored of running long distances in the Saguaro Vitality III, especially in warmer weather since the shoe is so light and airy, but despite the thinness of the entire shoe, it comfortably eats up the roads and trails, even heavily rocky areas.

Finally, the top-notch durability and protection allows the shoe to reliably stand up against harsher surfaces, but the shoe is still light and nimble enough for fast forefoot running and allows the foot to move in its natural motion. The sole is also thin enough to provide the barefoot-sensation for gait-correction and optimal balance control.

If you’re interested in the Saguaro Vitality III, you can get your paws on a pair here!

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Bretta Riches

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