Sore Muscles From Running: Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain and Inflammation

Over-training from running may cause muscle soreness hassles, particularly morning aches and pains, but there many natural painkillers and natural anti-inflammatory compounds that are evidence-based in terms of their success at improving chronic body pain, relaxing tense, stiff muscles and joints.

In that spirit, here are some highly effective muscle soothing, natural approaches that are rich in healing and energizing anti-inflammatory compounds, promoting stronger, revitalized muscles that are more injury-resistant for running.

Sore Muscles From Running: Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain and Inflammation

Sore Muscles From Running: Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain and Inflammation

Krill Oil

Krill oil is a healthy fat that acts as a potent anti-inflammatory, helping a great deal at reducing muscle pain. Krill Oil comes from a tiny shrimp-like ocean creature and it turns out that according to Canadian researchers, taking a daily dose of 300 mg to 500 mg of krill oil significantly reduces chronic inflammation that underlies chronic muscle aches and pain. Simply put, krill oil is a package deal for giving your muscles the leverage they need to remain strong, healthy and resilient.


Curcumin, which is a turmeric spice extract, has a stunningly long-list of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that are study-proven to make daily aches and pains disappear. Increasing your intake of curcumin is a done deal when it comes to improving joint pain and stiffness. According to Michelle Cook, author of Arthritis Proof Your Life, regularly consuming curcumin may reduce muscle and joint pain and stiffness even more effectively and longer than many prescription medications.

Eggshell Membrane

Eggshell membrane is a real game-changer when it comes to enhancing muscle health renewal. According to work in the Journal of Clinical Intervention in Aging, eggshell membrane is highly concentrated in natural compounds that repair damaged cartilage. The researchers also found that taking 500 mg of eggshell membrane per day may reduce joint pain and stiffness by 72% and may increase joint flexibility and mobility by 42%.


Boswellia, is a natural compound that comes from the sap of an Indian tree, and is renowned for chasing away nagging aches and pains. According to Jacob Teitelbaum, co-author of Real Cause, Real Cure, boswellia ends pain by reducing the body’s production of pain-triggering compounds called leukotrienes, meanwhile boswellia also boosts the flow of nutrient-rich blood to sore areas. More proof that boswellia stops stubborn pain comes out of UCLA. The researchers found that taking a daily dose of 900 mg – 1200 mg of boswellia reduced muscle pain and improved muscle and joint flexibility as effectively as ibuprofen and other painkillers!

Vitamin D3

Another way to fend off muscle damage is with taking 3000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. According to research out of Cornell University, increasing your vitamin D3 intake on a daily basis can reduce inflammation and chronic pain by 30%.


Astaxanthin, categorized as a fish supplement, is the pigment that gives salmon its pink color AND has a potential role to have a dramatic impact on thwarting the inflammation that could damage muscle cells. Not only is that, astaxanthin, a vital source of acting as a painkiller. According to Canadian researchers, astaxanthin may reduce muscle pain by 55%. Astaxanthin works to improve pain symptoms by calming over-active pain nerves and it also accelerates healing of tissue and muscle damage as well.

Wintergreen Oil

Another popular way to relieve achy, tender muscles and soft tissues is with massages because it easily boosts blood flow to the affected area. But wintergreen oil may be the secret sauce you’ll want to add to your massage lotion. According to Standard University researchers, diluting 6 drops of wintergreen oil into your favorite massaging lotion and massage the sore areas in circular motions, doing so may quickly boost healing by boosting nourishing-nutrient rich blood flow. What is the key ingredient in wintergreen oil that helps soothe painful muscles? The researchers noted that wintergreen oil contains methylsalicylate which naturally punches through inflammation and improves circulation of nutrient rich blood to sore, damaged muscles and joints.

These are just some of the many natural muscle pain healers that can really be useful for cleaning up muscle damage and soaks up pain-triggering inflammation. Considering using one of the following health supplements to furnish your running recovery efforts for a better approach to less injury.

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