Heel strike running appears to be the root of running injury. Knee injury can be easily avoided with forefoot running barefoot or in barefoot like running shoes.

How Runners Can Deal with Knee OA

11/01/2016 0

Many runners are unfamiliar with treatments of knee OA (osteoarthritis), a risk factor in heel strike running. We now know that forefoot running is a great way to […]

Best Knee Pain Care for Runners

10/01/2016 0

A great recommendation on knee pain care for runners is not to take time off of running, but to maintain running in minimalist running shoes.

Foot Orthotics No Good for Knee Pain Care in Runners

12/06/2015 0

Foot orthotics can be crossed off the list for knee pain care for runners. A new study adds evidence to the theory that orthotics is the driving force of knee pain during running –partly because orthotics impair proprioceptive responses.

Why Runners Get Knee Cartilage Injury

27/04/2015 0

Do your knees ache when you run? If you’re running with a heel strike, this is why! Find out how heel striking when running leads to knee cartilage injury.

How Runners Can Reduce ACL Knee Pain Symptoms

06/04/2015 0

Many runners with ACL knee pain symptoms heel strike and strike the ground with less knee flexion — a risk factor for knee osteoarthritis. However, forefoot running in barefoot running shoes promotes adequate knee flexion and may improve knee function.

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