Vibram Five Fingers V-Run Review

If you’ve enjoyed the Vibram Bikila, you’ll no doubt enjoy the V-Run because its a high mileage, better fitting version of the Bikila that is also designed to get wet and dirty! Other upgrades from the Bikila to the V-Run is the V-Run has a more durable, protective sole and the midsole is slightly more padded for extra comfort for super long hauls in wet, sloppy or dry conditions. 

Vibram Five Fingers V-Run Review
Every detail of the Vibram V-Run supports maximum barefoot-feel, comfort that lasts and is surprisingly durable for being so barefoot-like.

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Another asset of the V-Run is its great medicine for your feet and running form because the shoes full flexibility and good proprioceptive feel for the ground keeps your feet fully engaged and functional and your forefoot running form completely in check.

  • Its important to always remember that your body uses ground-feel to reflexively prevent you from pounding the ground on your heels, rather it forces you to land with a forefoot strike when you run.  

Vibram Five Fingers V-Run Review

What is the Vibram Five Fingers V-Run Good for?

The Vibram V-Runs are especially built for longer runs on smooth or gravel roads and perform great when running up or down steep slopes in dry or rainy weather.


The V-Runs are also perfect for treadmill running as well as any gym workout, climbing, karate, golfing and are wonderful for all-day, everyday casual wear. The V-Runs can also be used as water shoes, too!

Upper Specifications

The V-Run’s upper, which is made with woven polyester lycra materials, has a lot more stretch to it, offering a fully adaptable fit for a wider foot. Plus, Vibrams signature individual toe sockets gives your toes added room to splay naturally with each step.

Vibram Five Fingers V-Run Review
The V-Run’s upper has extra perforations throughout, without being unstable, making the V-Run an excellent summer shoe. The upper is also more well-built than other Vibram models, and provides all the durability you need to really go extra hard after your next workout.

Vibram prioritized breathability with the V-Run by incorporating more perforations throughout the entire upper which does a great job at preventing heat build up. This is why the V-Run is a solid choice for summer running.

Even better, the extra perforations allows you to run through puddles without trapping water and weighing down the shoe, rather the water drains out impressively quick.

Even though the upper delivers excellent air flow, it’ll actually keep your feet pretty warm on much cooler days if you wear Injinji toe socks. 

The upper also has extra strength and more structure without creating a slightly heavier shoe, and you’ll  also love that it comes in several vibrant color options. Another cool feature of the upper is that the materials give the illusion as if its made of leather, which makes the shoe very stylish for non-athletic wear.  

Vibram Five Fingers V-Run Review

Lastly, the pull/loop lacing includes a velcro fastener, allowing you to put the shoe on or take it off much easier, and it really helps wrap the shoe around your foot, keeping your foot perfectly in place, even when wet. 

Sole Specifications

The Vibram V-Run sits on a 4 mm rubber sole, plus a 2 mm EVO insole that altogether offers plenty of comfort over all distances on the roads or dirt paths. 

Vibram Five Fingers V-Run Review
The V-Runs sole provides a unique combination of cushion, ground-feel and lively responsiveness that is ready for pretty much any surface, and allows you to always feel comfortable in these shoes!

The sole employs strategically dispersed, textured tread that enables you to run as fast as you can on all types of terrain, especially on hard or grassy trails. 

The sole also moves super well and agile with your foot, and despite the beefy traction, you still get an excellent feel of the ground that’ll definitely have the effect that you hoped for in helping you maintain proper forefoot running form.

Another functional asset of the V-Runs sole is its zero drop, meaning the sole is the same height from heel to toe which makes it super easy for you to connect properly on your forefoot when you run.

Final Thoughts

The Vibram V-Run packs the winning combination of impressive durability and serving the function of being  barefoot, but despite all the extra durability, the V-Run is noticeably light and extremely agile.

Botton line, the V-Run is one of Vibrams barefoot shoes where durability isn’t so much of a worry. Not to mention, the V-Run is actually one of Vibram’s most comfortable shoes, too! This is because the comfort feeling of being barefoot remains top of mind with Vibram, and hands down, the V-Run will be an instant hit in that regard!  

If you’re interested in the V-Run, you can get your paws on them here!

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