Vivobarefoot Primus Road Review

Like all Vivobarefoot running shoes, the Primus Road was designed to improve your forefoot running form while keeping your feet fully functional and engaged which will promote a natural rebuilding of a stronger foot. 

Equally important, the Primus Road’s foot-shape silhouettes provides the proper space where needed to accentuate the foot’s natural flex and movement, making your landing stability safe and more secure.

Vivobarefoot Primus Review

The Primus Road is very comparable to the Vivobarefoot EVO Pure, so if you were a fan of the EVO Pure, you’ll be a fan of the Primus Road!

What’s the Vivobarefoot Primus Road Good For?

The Primus Road is made for low or high mileage running on paved streets and other hard surfaces, and is built for all distances and for all running speeds!

Sole Specifications

The Primus Road sits on a 3mm thin, fully flexible rubber sole that delivers excellent ground-feel to help maintain your natural stride, which in turn, will help prevent your muscles and tendons from sudden stress!

For an extra dose of protection and softness, the Primus Road comes with a thin, removable foam insole that doesn’t feel spongy and still gets you really close to the ground.

Upper Specifications: 

The upper mesh is see-through and very airy, which is why the Primus Road is very ideal for hotter weather. The upper is also very lightweight and durable because its made of polyurethane which gives extra strength to the upper’s structure, so it holds up well over long distances.  

The upper is also very stretchy because its completely free of any kind of rigid structure, and its also wide, allowing it to automatically adapt to the shape of your foot while allowing tons of toe-splay room.

For a more barely-there-fit, the tongue is thinner and is well-anchored in the shoe, so it does not move around or slide down.

Last, but not least, the Vivobarefoot Primus Road has been updated to the Vivobarefoot Primus III which you can check out here!


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